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Costa Rica

So the minute we came back from our honeymoon we got the bug to travel again.  We are looking into Costa Rica for either June/July or Sept.  Where would you all suggest to stay or even if that is a good time to go?  Thank you!!!

Re: Costa Rica

  • I would choose a winter month for Costa Rica.  It is a jungle climate, and is hot and humid.  September is hurricane season.
  • Costa Rica has several regions, all with varying climates. This is due to elevation and location within the country (rainforest vs coast, etc). So, depending on where you want to go within the country will depend on what makes sense.

    As for where to stay, again, that depends on what you want to do while there and of course, your budget.


  • Make sure to visit Monteverde. The Cloud forest is amazing. But keep in mind that the summer months are considered rainy season. So what that means is it generally pours for one hour around 3-4pm.
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  • If you are more interested in the Pacific side of Costa Rica, July can be a great time to go: the country has a mini dry season that month, especially northern Pacific area (think Guanacaste area).

    I would pass on the Caribbean side of Costa Rica in June/July, as it's full on rainy season at that time. 
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