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Providence G Ballroom

Has anyone had or been to a wedding at the Providence G Ballroom? I'm looking at venues in Rhode Island for a 2017 spring wedding for about 120 people, and would love any advice. Thanks!

Re: Providence G Ballroom

  • Hi!
    I've never attended a wedding there, but I did look there for my ceremony at the end of 2014 for my wedding in Sept 2015.
    They may be more established now, but when I contacted them, it seemed as if they had no real pricing structure.  I had emailed asking for info/cost, but never got a straight answer.  The coordinator asked me what I was looking to spend, I gave her a number and she said they could do that.  I thought that was a little strange.
    It does seem like a beautiful and "open canvas" type space, if you're looking for that sort of venue.  Keep in mind, that equals more work and money for you.  Ie renting tables/chairs/linens/dinnerware/silverware/decor.
    No idea what their catering/bar package is.
    We ended up getting married at The Dorrance, where our reception was as well, to make it easier for our guests (entire event in one space with NO gap).
    Good luck with your planning!

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