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Wedding 911

Our venue has been sold!!

Ok, I just have to get this out. Our venue, a restaurant in downtown Chicago called EPIC, has been sold to new owners. We found out when two different friends emailed us articles and were all like, "Hey isn't this the place you're getting married? You didn't mention this..." Yeah. We didn't know!

We did finally get a phone call from the event coordinator (poor woman had been on the phone for hours with panicked couples). It looks like the new owners (right next door, literally), are very interested in maintaining all contracts (Makes sense - they gain automatic business, and once they get the deposits from us and other customers, that's cash in the pocket).

But things are really up in the air now. And they already have our first deposit (could be worse. They could have the 2nd one. hah!). Hypothetically, our wedding is on the new calendar, and we will have the opportunity to sign a new contract with the new owners.

Also, they're going to redo the aesthetic of the restaurant, so don't know what it'll look like. So no idea about colors, which isn't really as important as the fact that we're supposed to get married in 8 months and now we don't have a venue!!! Gah!!

Re: Our venue has been sold!!

  • I would be on top of them like crazy. Even if you don't live nearby I would go there in person ASAP- don't wait on email. What does that mean for you menu and your budget. 

    I'm sorry this is happening to you!

  • Also, good luck!! I'm sure everything will work out, as long as you're on top of everything!
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    Read over your old contract, and make sure when you sign a new contract, it has the same provisions for food, service, etc. Unless they copy the old one word for word, something may slip through the cracks and you may lose something you thought was included. I'd also list all your assumptions & assurances from meeting with the old owner, and address each one of these with the new people. Ask to see design mock ups of the remodel. Check with a lawyer if you're thinking of it, but I'm pretty sure that in this case you're not required to re-sign with new people (unless that's in the contract), and you're entitled to your deposit back, since the original owners are the ones breaking the contract. But that sounds like a PITA, so I'd use it as a last resort.



    Sorry for the stress! That is a cool place; rather surprised it's already going to be changed so soon. 

  • Just re-echoing what @JediElizabeth ; and @sparklepants41 said about read over the new contract.  Be sure to have them add in a clause on renovation deadlines.  Many of my clients are restauranteurs, and  I cannot think of one that opened/reopened on time.  One client's renovations were put on hold because of a lien on the liquor license from the local waste company. It had nothing to do with either owner, but the property management company was at fault, and it delayed renovations by 2 months...

    I'd also ask if they were keeping the same staff/ what the staff would be doing while the restaurant underwent reno.  Depending on their answer, your service and food could change drastically.

    Hopefully everything turns out fine, but you may want to look for a back-up jic...
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