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I was raised Southern Baptist and my fiancé was raised Lutheran. At his parents request we are going to speak with his Pastor this week about marrying us. I have attended church many times with him but have never been to an Lutheran wedding and have read that they are extremely conservative and stick to a strict plan throughout the wedding. Any hints of what this meeting will look like for us, or any good questions I should ask?

Re: Lutheran Wedding

  • I don't know which Lutheran church you are asking about but we are ELCA Lutheran. The full wedding service is pretty much like a Sunday worship service with the marriage vows added. If you have every been to a Catholic wedding, it is similar to that but everyone is allowed to take communion. I'm not sure what you mean by extremely conservative, but the "strict plan" probably means it follows the pattern of the Sunday worship. If your FI is another form of Lutheran, I can't answer for that.
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