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Reception with family & bridal party only?

I'm having a destination wedding in Bahamas in a couple of months. We are still debating on the location of the reception and cost is a huge factor for the reception. As private dinner requires additional cost per person and site rental fee, we are considering a semi-private dinner at one of their restaurant. HOWEVER, the semi-private dinner at the restaurant can only accommodate up to 40 people max. We have about 42-45. 

My question is, would it be "inconsiderate" (or whatever word you want to use) if we were to have cocktail hours/reception for all our guest and dinner with our family and bridal party only? 

Re: Reception with family & bridal party only?

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    Agree with PPs and answered you on Etiquette.  Please put "XP" in all of your post titles... looks like this one is posted at least 3 times.

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    ALL guests must be treated equally on your wedding day.  No exceptions.
    Why the hell are you planning a destination wedding if you can't afford it?
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    See my answer over in your duplicate post.

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    Yeah, that's not cool to do.  Since you're already planning a destination wedding did you consider just inviting family / bridal party (who I would think would be your closest friends) to the wedding in the Bahamas and then having a larger reception for more people back in your home town?

    I've known at least four couples who went this route with a private ceremony somewhere exotic and then a reception back home.  Reception might not be the best word because they weren't as structured or formal as receptions that immediately follow a ceremony, but were a chance for the couple to celebrate their marriage with a wider circle.
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    Anyone invited to the wedding gets invited to the reception. It is simply proper etiquette, and the right thing to do.
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