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Having 4 names, name change help!!

Hey everyone
we recently got married in NYC and on the marriage certificate they didn't allow me to change anything outside of my last name.  I wanted to take my husband's last name but I also am not crazy about losing my maiden or middle name.  So at the moment i'm first name , middle, husbands last name, but I would like to change it and add my maiden name after my middle before I go through the headache of changing all the official documents.  Has anyone gone through this before in California and where do I start? Do I have to go to court to do another name change to add that in? Thank you!!

Re: Having 4 names, name change help!!

  • I believe when we got married (in OC) they said doing it with your marriage certificate is the easiest and fastest way to change your name. If you decide to change your name again you have to file a petition and get a court order. I think this website might help:
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