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Help with Color Scheme?

Hi! I am getting married on 11-12-16 and have the ceremony/reception venue, the photographer, the videographer, and a general idea on the color scheme  and overall theme (please, no one ask me about the catering - i might cry! lol). I was originally going with a wine(ish) color and gray suits for the guys. It's slowly evolving into a wine, blush (or DB ballet), and gold wedding. However, I'm wondering if you think gray suits would still match? I would rather not do black, but I'm not opposed to it. Am I just being paranoid because I am adding colors? Thanks for any feedback!

Re: Help with Color Scheme?

  • Gray is neutral so it should not "not" go, but I think it depends on where each of these colors are coming into play. 
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  • I believe gray would work wonderfully. What color are your bridesmaids wearing? 

    I'm getting married 11.12.16 also and my groomsman and FI are wearing gray suits. My colors are Claret, Smoke, Champagne, and Rum Pink (all Alfred Angelo color labels, hence the funny names :) )

    Good luck!

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  • I'm a visual person so it's hard to say from the description of the colors. I had to order swatches for myself to see if they would look good together. Can you attach a picture of the colors? Maybe that will help or order some swatches. I think as long as it's a darker gray it should work beautifully though.  
  • to me, it goes rather well

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