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Addressing Save the Dates

I have read conflicting information on different websites.  We are inviting the children of family members to our wedding.  Do you list the children on the envelope for the STDs?  I was thinking I would just address the STDs to Mr. and Mrs. John Smith and write the childrens' names on the inner envelope of the invitations.  Correct or incorrect?

Re: Addressing Save the Dates

  • Ghostie625Ghostie625
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    I put the kids names on my STDs so the parents knew ahead of time that they would be invited. (I'll put them on the inner envelope of the invitation as well.) Can't hurt to do both.
  • Does this seem like too much (we are inviting a few couples with children that are not married)?

    Mr. John Smith and
    Ms. Kirsten Hall
    Dakota and Logan
    33 Main Street
    Anytown, NY 11111
  • Since STDs are less formal communication I think it would be OK to put

    John Smith and Kirsten Hall
    Dakota and Logan

    Since the invitations are more formal, I believe the way you have it listed above is correct. You can limit the outer envelope to the parents' names and put the kids on the inner envelope like you mentioned before. (It does seem like a lot IMO.)
  • I don't believe you use "and" unless the couple is married. I'm not sure if that applies to STDs.
  • I know that's true for invitations. My impression is that on less formal communication, like STDs, it's OK. I could be wrong.
  • CMGragainCMGragain
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    I would just address the STD to the adults, and handwrite "The kids will be invited, too!" somewhere on the back.
    Omit the "and" between unmarried persons in all mailings.
  • Is it not okay to address it to The Smith Family?
  • geebee908 said:
    Is it not okay to address it to The Smith Family?
    Technically no.   This is for a few reasons:

    1) People have names.   They should be invited by name and not by a bulk grouping.

    2) This may lead to the potential for extras depending on the norm for the culture / family.  If you don't want extra tack-on guests then invite them by name.

    If you're not going to name the invited guests on the envelope then be specific somewhere to say that the kids are included.   Ditto if a truly single guest will be invited to bring a date.   IMO - get that info out well in advance if the entire point of the STD is for guests to reserve the date and travel accommodations. 
  • We are inviting one family (FI's brother, wife and kids) to the wedding and I addressed the STD to The Smith Family.  
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  • I just listed that child’s name underneath the parents. I do not think that any of what I did was considered "formal," but it worked for me!
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