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BYO Alcohol


I am looking at a venue that is BYO alcohol. Has anyone had experience in venues like this? How do you know how much and of what to get? Was it cheaper in the end?

Thank you!

Re: BYO Alcohol

  • Our wedding was at Aldie Mansion and they are BYOB. Initially I had no idea how much to get, but there are some beverage calculators out there (such as this one: http://www.thealcoholcalculator.com/)

    Aldie recommended two vendors in NJ who have good prices: Phillips Fine Wines and Little Brothers Beverage. I ended up going with Little Brothers. They worked with me to create a quote based on how long the event was, how many guests would be there and whatnot. All told we spent around $1500. Little Brothers delivered all the alcohol the day before the wedding and picked up any leftover unopened bottles at the end, which was a huge time saver. Also, Aldie doesn't charge a corkage fee -some BYO venues do, which will obviously add to your tab. 

    I think BYO ends up being cheaper as long as you don't have to pay fees and as long as you don't buy your booze in PA.  ;) Good luck!
  • Thank you! I appreciate the info!

  • Total Wine in DE has good prices too and will help you figure out just what you need. Delivery and picking up unused liquor is really important!
  • Does total wine delivery and pick up?!
  • I am getting married at the John James Audubon Center and they are BYO alcohol. The Audubon Center is one of Jeffrey A Miller's venues but I believe all of their venues are BYO alcohol. In addition Jeffrey A Miller does the catering at each of their venues and their food is phenomenal! You can learn more about their venues here: http://jamcater.com.

    DE is also a good place to get your booze. The sales tax is definitely less in DE compared to PA. 
  • DE is definitely way cheaper, but be careful...it's technically illegal to cross the state border with booze, and DE cops have been known to follow PA plates out of the lot if they see them loading up their cars with a large quantity!
  • Did anyone figure out if Total Wines in DE will do delivery and pick up? I'm getting married at a BYO place with JAM catering, (Duke Art Gallery, Wallingford PA) and am really excited they allow us to bring our own alcohol (one of many reasons we went with them!)--so want to be sure we make it as affordable as possible!
  • One of the places JAM recommends is Frank's Wine in Delaware. You have to hire a courier to deliver the booze but Frank's Wine has one they use regularly. The whole process has been so easy with JAM, the courier, and Frank's Wine. I agree that one of the advantages with JAM is you get to provide your own alcohol. You really get to tailor the selection to you. My fiancé and I have selected 3 craft beers from the different states we have lived in. It's great that you have the option to have that personal touch with JAM! 
  • I am getting married at a JAM venue too! Not only is the food delicious, but they are so helpful with every detail! They recommended a company called Little Brother's that will deliver the liquor to you and then buy back whatever is not open. My coordinator at JAM even provided a sheet with calculations for the alcohol I would need! It's been so great working with them!
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