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  • Knotties (A+) – You girls were absolutely wonderful. All your suggestions, opinions, advice & kind words made this journey easier than can imagine because I knew I was not alone & not the one crazy person going through all this alone.  
  • Fi now DH (A+) – OMG, he was not your typical groom. He knew exactly what was going on during the planning process and participated in every meeting. He gave very little input which is the reason he is still walking around with his head attached though I can honestly say we did this together and I couldn’t be happier.
  • Johanna @ Chic and Sleek Events (A++++) – if it was not for this girl I would have not had such an amazing wedding. I hired her in the beginning of my wedding plans. She planned our big day in a matter of 7 months. She handled everything for us. From finding our vendors to dealing with DH’s Crazy Family to mailing out our invites to turning around our ceremony to reception in little time. I seriously would have not been able to have such an amazing wedding w/o her. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a Full planner or DOC. SHE IS AMAZING & SUPER FUNNY!!!
  • Alterations by Reina (A) – I would have given her an A+ but she is sometimes a little hard to get in contact with. Though she did an amazing job on my Bustle and taking in my dress since I had lost a bit of weight since I had purchased my dress. Plus she did an amazing job in the cleavage area making sure the girls staying in place all night and was not adjusting them or my dress all evening.
  • Faces by Gissele (A+) – This girly did an amazing job on both my make-up & all my girls. I am not much of a make-up wearer. I use very light make-up though she made sure to make me feel absolutely glam wearing make-up looking classy and not trashy. It was an incredible transformation.
  • Hair by Patty (A+) – She was absolutely wonderful. She did all my girls, Daughter, my mom, grandmother & of course myself. All my girls had different hairstyles and she hit them right on. All my girls looked absolutely gorgeous and their hair styles were amazing.
  • Thierry’s Catering (B) – The food was amazing, though I think because of the cool weather some of the food from the stations did become a bit cold & so did some of the food that was passed during sit-down dinner. None the less, they did an amazing job with the variety of food we wanted. They were excellent in communication and on point at all times.
  • Devine Delicacies (A++) – My Cake was more beautiful than I ever imagined and it tasted amazing. I am not one fond of cake though I have to say that this totally rocked.
  • Donut Divas (A) – Everyone loved them especially my daughter. She took like 8 bags of donuts home. Needless to say she was up all night long & even saw the sunrise thanks to them. LoL
  • Southbeach Photo Company  (A++) - This was awesome my guests absolutely loved this during Cocktail Hour. They all had so much fun with this.
  • Hora Loca Miami  (A++) – This was actually a surprise my mom gave both Fi & I. She had contacted my planner and arranged this & they were so cool. I have done hora loca in some other weddings, though these people were out of this world.  
  • SoCool Events (A) – We ordered all of our Lighting, Dance floor, illuminated High Boys, bar chairs, Bars, lounge furniture, throw pillows & cake display table from them & these items totally rocked. I know my planner had a bit of communications issues with them and first they got our order wrong, though at the end they totally made up for it.
  • Smashing Cards  (A+) – My invitations were unbeleively beautiful. Many of my guests had to call me or e-mail me to comment on how beautiful my invitations were and that they had never seen anything like it.
  • Bubblegum Party Creations (A) – This is my planners sister company and we ordered all of our tables, chairs & tent from her & of course it being my planners company it was easy to deal with.
  • Gable Linens  (B+) – Their linens were beautiful, though I did find out through my boss that they were late getting to the location and that he over heard my planner calling them a gazillion times and calling alternate companies for linens. Though if it wasn’t because he mentioned that to me they would have received an (A -) since they were lost my last payment and called me requesting it after I had hand delivered it to them and received a RECEIPT with a ZERO BALANCE.
  • Venue (A++) – I was married at a private home on Star Island which belongs to my boss. He was amazing during all this process and even more amazing in lending me his beautiful home at no cost.  
  • Jvitalia (A+) – Jen was absolutely wonderful. She is an old friend of both mine & Joes from NY & even though she was supposed to be a guest to our wedding she insisted that no one other than her would take our pictures. She is absolutely amazing & just can’t wait to see the outcome.
  • Free Mind Studios (A) pending Video – There were awesome in being non-intrusive and were awesome to work with. One thing I learned when it comes to Videographers & Photographers, you need to feel at ease & they totally made me feel both DH & I feel at ease.
  • Kernel Jones (A+) – He played as our minister and has known both Joe & I from when our fathers were based in Japan. His ceremony was absolutely heartfelt and his words were amazing and very personal especially since he has seen our relationship flourish throughout the years.
  • Marcia Mitchell – Can you say OMG. They are awesome we hired them and they totally had the party on dance floor all night long. We hired them and I have to say they were worth every penny.

Hope these reviews Help!!!!

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    Great reviews!! Thank you! Your wedding sounds like it was amazing! Pictures pleaseeee :)
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    Awesome Reviews Thank you and once again Congrats!
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    Congratulations and thank you for the reviews!
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    Wow, what wonderful reviews! I love that you rated us and DH too, lolol!!

    Anyways, I'm so glad to see that all your vendors got As and Bs-- that's awesome!

    Thanks so much and congrats again, MRS!

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    Congrats again on becoming a Mrs. Thank you for the reviews, it sounds like your wedding went perfectly. Can't wait to see pics!
    *So Fla Board February Siggy* My babe and I
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    Thanks for the reviews! So happy that it went so smoothly for you! And your planner is my DOC so I'm glad you loved her!
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