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Asking for Money to Buy Your Dress


Re: Asking for Money to Buy Your Dress

  • If my friend invited me to lunch at a restaurant and then asked me to give her $10 for her sandwich I'd think she was a rude awkward nut. This girl just did the same thing to you by inviting you shopping and then asking you to give her $150 for her dress. Note that I said "give" because I think her mom's refusal demonstrates that she can't handle money well enough to repay a loan. You totally made the right call.

    PPs are right in saying this wedding will not go down the way she's planning. The fact that she is shopping at David's shows her vision is not realistic. I think it'd be painful to watch a friend hurdle down that path but it's not your job to guide her & as you said it can tip into uncomfortable territory for both of you. If I were you I would not bring up any wedding talk so as not to get roped/guilted into trying to cobble it together yourself.

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