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100 Days!

Any other May 7 brides celebrating 100 days until the wedding with me?!  I still feel confident that planning is moving along perfectly but I am waiting for my invitation proof to take a last look before they go to print.  That is taking a little longer than I had hoped but I am sure it will be fine.  

Other big things on the to do list are: book a rehearsal dinner venue, purchase wedding bands and gifts for my BM's (this is proving to be a challenge for me). 

How is everyone else's planning going? 
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Re: 100 Days!

  • falsarafalsara Northside of Chicago member
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    Haven't hit the 100 days mark, but today is the 4 month mark.

    I ordered my invitation suite I'm just waiting on a package from my Mom. She made my belly bands. Then i'll be able to stuff and address to my hearts desire. 

    We still have to book our rehearsal dinner and I have to find gifts for my bridesmaids and my dad. I also need to find hair and makeup people. 


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  • I'm also a May 7 bride!

    I just got my invitations and need to wrap a little twine ribbon around them... I think I need my fiancé's finger to tie it tightly though!

    We got engaged in July and we got a lot done right away - date, venue, DJ, photographer, etc. all done within the first month or 2. I took a break and now it's been tough getting back in the swing of things. I feel good most days but still have days of total panic! :smile: 
  • WesternMA0516WesternMA0516 member
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    My 100 day mark is Tuesday and I'm starting to feel the stress. I have a bunch of things done, but still need to order invitations, decide about flowers and centerpieces, create a playlist for the cocktail hour, rehearsal dinner everything!, groom still hasn't picked his suit, we both haven't decided on wedding bands, eek. So much!
  • Currently at less than four months (barely), and the major things we still need is a DJ and someone to marry us.  (Yeah, I know I am ashamed of not having someone yet but it's getting done.)  I'm planning from 1,400 miles away, and since I didn't get a job as quickly as I should have or would have liked to, I'm going to be flying up in mid March and staying with my parents until after the wedding.  All little details and finishing touches will be done then.  But holy crap I am excited and nervous and antsy and all the feels right now!
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  • I'm getting close to my 100 days mark! We're on the 14th!

    We just bought FI's pants and shirt this weekend and were hoping for his tie and vest but are having trouble finding them...and I'm considering making his tie because we have a specific blue that we want it to be and haven't been able to find a tie in that color!

    I got the day off tomorrow so we are going to a bakery for cake testing!! Her list of flavors is huge and I'm pumped to eat a bunch of cake! Also we're going to a travel agent tomorrow to hopefully nail down the honeymoon. I've been trying to get there but FI's work schedule is proving difficult so I'm glad to finally be starting on that! Then tomorrow afternoon is our first meeting with the pastor. We've had to reschedule this meeting twice because of work schedules so I'm also glad to get that started.

    I'm working on my playlist...making your own is hard...does anyone know of a website or app that I can make my own playlist for free? I've looked into Spotify (they have a free month trial) but I want to be sure I can choose any song I want for my playlist. Anyone have any experience with that or should I just do a Youtube to MP3 converter?

    I have my invites and have started addressing them! I know it's probably early for that but it's good to have them going ahead of schedule. Centerpieces and hair/makeup should probably be next on my list of must-dos!

    Luckily we already have wedding bands purchased and I've met with the florist so she knows what I'm looking for.

    Congrats everyone! We're getting so close!

  • Oh I'm so sad I missed this! I'm a may 7th bride too. We still have a couple big checkmarks... (ie. transportation) but We've checked off groom & Groomsmen's outfits, cake, and the florist since I last posted. 80 to go!
  • I picked out my band last week and we are getting something really simple FI so I still have to pick that out.  I am finishing my BM gifts this week and super excited for my hair and make up trial this weekend.  My dress still isn't in but fingers crossed it shows up soon.  Oh and we still have no idea what we are doing for our rehearsal dinner.  11 weeks from Saturday! 
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