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It's Tuesday.


Re: It's Tuesday.

  • @audrewuh This is basically you right now:

    Daisypath Anniversary tickers
  • --------------------------------------------------------------

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
  • @minskat30  either your H and Raj in snow or grass :) I kinda love both!

    Urg is this day over? It is draggingggggggg
    I didn't get nearly enough done in past 2 days than I'd hoped :(

    frustrated annoyed headdesk head desk

    But we do go look at 2 houses this weekend!

    Someone come file papers for me?
  • @audrewuh - BREAK A LEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think I would cry if TK was blocked @Peaseblossom55 - I hope it gets fixed soon and you don't have to keep checking on your phone.  :(  

    Yeah for injections (even though I know they aren't much fun)...everything crossed for you guys.  
  • I hope it some day comes back but they usually don't unblock things. :-/


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