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MOB and MOG dresses-cross posted

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Hello all!

So I've been trying to read up on how the mother of the bride dress and mother of the groom dress shopping should be handled. Let me first begin with my wedding is a little over a year and a half away and the MOG has already began shopping.  I have not started shopping at all and won't be until this fall.  In my opinion, I believe the bride should choose her dress first.  It sets the tone and style for everyone else in the bridal party.   So my first question is how do you feel about this?  Also, my mom has a very classic sense of style where my future mother in law has a very flashy and dramatic sense of style.  I would really like them to compliment eachother and my fear is the MOG will over dress, not just compared to my mom, but even compared to me!  Do I have a say in what they wear?  If so, how do I handle this *awkward* conversation?

Re: MOB and MOG dresses-cross posted

  • I responded on the etiquette board. You should list your post as cross posted when you put it on more than one board.
  • I answered on your other post. In a nutshell, you have nothing to do with what they choose to wear.
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    The MOB and MOG choose their own dresses in styles and colors that suit their own taste. They don't have to match or compliment each other, the wedding party or the decor. They don't have to consult with the bride, either. 
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