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videographer or no videographer

Originally I didn't want a videographer, but after to talking to my friends (and even the guy that does my hair) I want one now.  Everybody has said that out of everything a videographer is a must have.  I wasn't completely convinced until somebody told me how much I will appreciate it when people are gone (I know, kind of morbid).  My grandparents are old and I would love to have that living memory of them giving speeches and what not, and I think it could be fun to show our kids someday.  The problem is that I am the only one that wants one.  I have thought about just using a camcorder and recording the ceremony and the speeches, but I don't want to be worried about where the camera is all night and I don't want to ask one of our guests to do it.  I also think it would be fun to see everything that we miss.  Does anybody have any thoughts or recommendations about what to do? Thanks!

Re: videographer or no videographer

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    IMHO, hire a professional or skip it.
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  • IMHO, hire a professional or skip it.
    This. You are right, you shouldn't ask a guest to do it and you don't want to be worrying about the camera all night.

    If you can't get your FI to agree with you that you need it and/or if it just really isn't in your budget to get a professional you should skip it. Lot of brides don't have video and they are just fine.

    I know I wanted video more than DH but we able to find money in the budget (without skipping on what is really important, lots of food and drink/proper hosting) to hire a professional.  
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    You cannot advertize on the boards, @Knottie1455727790@KnotRiley

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    Viczaesar said:
    You cannot advertize on the boards, @Knottie1455727790@KnotRiley
    Thanks Vic. Vendor go buh-bye.
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    I still have the old home movie film of my parents wedding in 1947.  I wish they had taken still photos instead.  Technology changes over the years, but you can always open the book and look at your classic photos.  I look at mine every wedding anniversary.  Wow!  I was young and thin, and DH had hair!
    We skipped videos and daughter's wedding.  It was an unnecessary expense.
  • I had the best videographer at my wedding! He's been doing weddings for a while and is pure genius! 6 minutes of exactly what I wanted to capture. I love the narrative overlay and he matched the music perfectly. His prices are super fair for such talent. His name is Cameron Good, and he's based out of Pensacola, FL but willing to travel anywhere. Here's a link to my wedding:
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