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Photobooth vs. Live Painting

We absolutely have some time to make a decision however my FI and I are having a hard time deciding-photo booth or live event painting. Being crafty we both LOVE the idea of a oil painting of our special day yet also would like our guests to have fun with the photo booth and a keepsake as well (doing limoncello favors also). With that being said I thought of a diy “photobooth” yet it would be a free standing one with just the background and props. Was thinking of maybe doing a hashtag station with MAYBE a selfie stick and the ornate frames, mustaches, lips, etc.  What are your thoughts and ideas? Both or one or the other…don’t want to go too crazy and unsure which way would be best for both parties.

Re: Photobooth vs. Live Painting

  • I've been to a few weddings with a photobooth and they seemed to be very popular. I've never heard of a live event painting. What is this? I would personally keep things as simple as possible.
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    ernursej said:
    I've been to a few weddings with a photobooth and they seemed to be very popular. I've never heard of a live event painting. What is this? I would personally keep things as simple as possible.
    I did once attend a wedding where an artist painted a picture of the reception while it was in progress, from a corner perspective.  That might be what the OP means by "live event painting." The two issues I can see with it is that depending on what kind of paint is used, the smell could carry, and the artist would need to be careful about not spilling paint or making any kind of mess that could damage venue or guest property.
  • I think if you can afford a photo booth, that might be fun--I thought about that for our wedding, but decided against it as the cost was prohibitive and I didn't see most of my guests getting that much out of it for the price.  I would be unlikely to use a selfie stick, but if there were someone hired to take a picture of me, or a normal booth where I get in and just click a button, I'd be okay with that.  
  • OP-we had a photo booth and a live painter paint our first dance at our wedding.
    I thought the photo booth ended up being a waste.  A lot of guests didn't know it was there and didn't use it.
    Our painting came out gorgeous and our guests loved watching the work in progress throughout the night and chatting with the painter.  I HIGHLY recommend getting the painter.  Your finished painting will be a special memento for years to come.
    There was NO issue of paint smelling or the artist (a professional) getting paint anywhere but on his canvas.
  • That is so cool! What a great momento.
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    I'd never heard of living painting before. That turned out great. Seems like the painting is more for you (happy couple), but the photo booth is more fun for your guests. Any wedding I've attended with a booth has gotten rave reviews from many guests. A lot of people just enjoy the silliness of a booth. I always like getting my snapshots with my friends and having those as keepsakes. 

  • I was just going to post the same thing, @thisismynickname. The live paint, while really cool, is more for you, whereas the photobooth is something your guests can enjoy.
  • Full disclosure: I think photo booths are overdone. I'd be much more interested in the dance floor situation than the selfie area OR photobooth.

    That said, I'd absolutely pick the live painting if they were pretty much the same price. I think the painting is really cool, and something you and your FI will treasure for a long time. Photos are a cute keepsake, but even those tend to be forgotten about and put in a box to collect dust rather quickly, whereas the painting is something unique which you can display forever.

    I'd just make sure to look through the portfolios of several artists, and make sure you pick one whose style really matches your tastes.
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