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I have already purchased a website URL. Can I use it on The Knot?

I was using a different system for my wedding website but I have been having some issues with it and would like to make a change. I have already printed my Save the Dates with the URL I purchased (it's a .net. Super generic, nothing to do with the other site). Can I use The Knot and keep my URL? I see The Knot allows me to purchase one but will it allow me to use one I have already purchased? If so, how? Thanks in advance for any advice! 

Re: I have already purchased a website URL. Can I use it on The Knot?

  • Don't know if @KnotRiley knows the answer, but maybe she can ask a tech for you at least.
  • Hey @Knottie1453741094 ,

    Unfortunately, you cannot use that same address if you try to purchase a custom URL for us, but we do have another solution:

    If you registered your domain through a third party registrar such as GoDaddy or, you'll need to set up domain name forwarding through your registrar. To do so, you will need to contact or log into your registrar's domain management tool to redirect your own domain to your Personal wedding website free address. You can find your website's free address at the top of the “Settings” page.

    If you have anymore questions, please feel free to reach out to our Customer Service at [email protected]

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