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David's bridal gown pick up

Help!!! I'm at a loss as to what to do about a gown I purchased at the end of January from David's bridal. I was told at the time of purchase that my dress would be in around 03/14/16 but to my surprise I just got an email saying my dress was in and I had 7 days to p/u or it would be disposed of?!!!?? How can they do that? I'm unable to go pick it up seeing how's it an hour away and with just my luck my car is out of commission! Has anyone had an experience with David's bridal and their policies?

Re: David's bridal gown pick up

  • If you can't pick it up, they can probably ship it to your house - but you would likely have to pay for the shipping. 

    All you can do is call the store and check the contract that you signed when you bought the dress. (Assuming they still do that - I got mine from David's but it's been like 10 years.)
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