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My drink list- Suggestions

Here's what I've got.

80 guests invited, outdoors, we provide all alcohol.

750 ml bottles of these:
5 bottles of Captain Morgan
5 bottles of Smirnoff
5 bottles of Jack Daniels
2 bottles of Jagermeister
2 bottles of Fireball
1 bottle of Gin- Unsure which brand is best
1 bottle of Buttershots for mixed drinks
1 bottle of Peppermint schnaps, also for mixing.

6 Cases of beer- 24 packs
Bud, Bud light, Miller, Miller light, and 2 smaller cases of Not your Fathers Root Beer

10 bottles of wine- This is where I could use suggestions.

12 bottles of champagne for toasting.

We will have Coke/Pepsi products, tea, lemonade, water, coffee and juice as well.

Should I add more of something ? Get less of something ? 

Re: My drink list- Suggestions

  • Personally I would get more wine. 10 bottles is going to be 5 red, 5 white, and that is no where near enough for 80 people. I'd also get rid of the Jäger, buttershots, schnapps, fireball, and add a bottle of gin. I would stick with either bud or Miller, if you must serve a crappy domestic beer that is, and get a lot more of it. Maybe double what you list. Make sure to have lime. 

    But it you know your people. Like, I'd never try to facilitate Jäger shots because no one I know does them at a wedding, but if your friends find them essential then that's a different story. 
  • Not a fan of the beer choices, but if that's what your crowd drinks.  You'll need more. 

    I think you've overdone it on champagne.  I would spend that money on padding your bar with other items.  You're going to see a lot of mostly full glasses of champagne lying around at the end of the night.  I think that's going to be a waste of money.  Just let people toast with whatever beverage they happen to have in their hand.

    While I keep peppermint and butterscotch schnapps at home, I'm really confused why you have them listed as mixers here.  Mix with what?  I generally only mix those items in hot cider, hot chocolate, or maybe coffee, but truthfully I rarely put those in coffee (I'd rather opt for Bailey's or Kahlua for coffee).  Likewise, unless it's a 21st birthday party or a kegger, I don't see my friends doing shots of Jaeger or Fireball.  I sometimes like to put a shot of fireball in hard cider, but you don't have that on your list either.  I'd probably cut all of those items and add in things that are more like after-dinner cocktails (Bailey's, Amaretto, Kahlua) and stock sour mix and cherries, and cream (white Russians). 

    I would probably add in an Irish whiskey like Jameson or Three Gingers (and make sure you stock ginger ale).  You're probably going to go through vodka and rum the most more than Jack (unless you have a lot of Jack drinkers) so I'd split the whiskey between bourbon (style) and Irish.  I'd be inclined to split the rum 75-25 between spiced and light rum.  I love spiced rum, but quite a few of my friends prefer light or Bacardi Limon.

    As for the wine, you'll probably need more.  I would recommend going to a reputable liquor/wine store, find the owner and tell them your menu and your price range, and they'll be able to suggest some good options for you.
  • I would get more wine and vodka, cocktail items, and some additional brands of beer, and cut back on the mixers and champagne.  I'm guessing that champagne will probably be drunk only during toasts.
  • Obviously you know your crowd better than we do, but generally,  I'd recommend having more of the "basics" like vodka, whiskey, and rum and forgetting about the jager and the flavored liquors. I doubt you'll need quite that much champagne. I'd also suggest more beer, and maybe including a darker, stronger beer or a hard cider for some variety. 

    As for the wine, you might need more than you're planning. I'd suggest two red varieties and two white varieties and sticking to ones that are on the dryer side or somewhere between dry and sweet.

  • Fantastic, thank you. This is exactly what I was looking for. I did one of the calculators, and it only told me 5 bottles of liquor, 5 cases of beer, and 3 bottles of wine, so I upped it where necessary.

    Jager is FI's drink of choice, so I can cut that to just one bottle as him and his best man will likely be the only ones drinking it.

    Add a couple more cases of beer in a different variety, a couple of crafts (I just assumed that's the kind of beer people more commonly drank ? I don't drink so I'm mostly clueless.) and a couple hard ciders.

    The champagne is just for the toast, but again the calculator stated 1 bottle only equals 3 glasses. I'll cut that down to, say, 3-4 ? And if people want to use that, they can. But not necessary.

    I will cut the flavored ones, hell I wasn't even sure what those mix with, just thought they would be good to have for variety. I don't drink, and if I do its a Woodchuck maybe once a year.

    And I'll bump up the wine as well, would doubling that be better ?

    And add Jameson.

    Again, thanks. FI's family hasn't been a lot of help in gauging what sort of alcohol to purchase. They just keep telling me "Whatever you get will be fine!"


  • I def second splitting the rum into 1/2 spiced and half non spiced. 

    For or beer unless you know you have a lot of bud and Miller drinkers maybe pick one of those brands (reg and light), something darker and then something like blue moon or corona. 

    We we purchased beer and wine at SAMs Club and were able to return unopened items so might look into places that will do it. 
  • Your champagne calculator is on crack! If you do a full glass, you'll get 5/bottle. If you do a smaller glass (ie just enough for the toast) you'll get 8/bottle. You'd have to have a mighty large glass to get 3/bottle (unless you are using smaller bottles than 750mL/26oz?)

  • No, the champagne are full bottles! Thats why I gave up on the calculator and came here. @kvruns , i can return them. I'm getting everything from my local mom and pop, and with such a big order he was more than happy to let me return them.

    I'm pretty happy with the new list, thanks ladies.

  • Oh, much better. I was for sure waaaayyy off on the wine count. it suggests more like 70 bottles.

  • Skip the champagne toast and just have people toast with their own drink of choice.
    Tanqueray is good for gin and make sure you have club soda/tonic.

    FWIW I had plain grey goose and orange grey goose (orange crushes) and they both went much quicker than I thought they would (my Dad owns a liquor store so of course we had backup in his car).

  • FWIW I've been to one wedding where the bride & groom brought in their own alcohol, and they had a LOT of everything, and one thing they still ran out of was vodka.  

    Also, it's against what most people have responded but I'd say keep the champagne.  When champagne is provided for toasting but then not available to get another glass at the bar, I get sad. I'm not coming to your wedding, so I realize my personal preference is entirely irrelevant here... but just something to keep in mind in case some of your guests are champagne lovers like myself!

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    As others have said obviously you know your guests and their likely drinking habits.  Also make sure you've got a general liability policy for your wedding just in case - it's something people forget about but you need to remember if you're providing the alcohol, you can be held liable in many states if a guest gets into an accident - also someone to supervise the alcohol if you've got guests under 21 or someone needs their keys pulled... (those are more important to have in place than what adult beverages are available - guests will make due!)

  • We had looked into event insurance, had everything saved to the computer, and then FI updated to WIndows 10 and lost everything. I dont remember which company I had already gotten a quote from or how much. So I gotta start all over in that department. I hear progressive has event insurance, so I'll probably start there. Thanks for reminding me!

  • Oh! And we will have an actual trained bartender that will be able to keep an eye on the alcohol. Already advised to cut off anyone they feel necessary, and should someone not be able to drive I've got some money budgeted for a cab or shuttle to make sure they get home safely. I'm all about responsible drinking.

  • The beer choices are definitely lacking. I would not touch a single option and probably get way too drunk on the crazy liquor variety instead. Maybe add a hefeweizen or something then cut one liquor bottle? Unless you are inviting A LOT of hard liquor fans, your quantity of hard liquor seems excessive.

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