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The Woodwinds (Branford, CT)

Hi all,

First time posting on here! Hope everyone's wedding planning is going well!

I have been looking into The Woodwinds for my wedding (TBD, Summer 2017) and I will be visting the venue next weekend.

Could anyone please provide their experience with this venue, if you have visited them or had a wedding there? I have looked at the other posts about the venue but wanted to try to get some more recent opinions.

Thank you!!

Re: The Woodwinds (Branford, CT)

  • My brother/sister in law got married there! It was beautiful....nice and open good food...cocktail hour was nice...they seemed relaxed so I'm guessing they do a good job of making sure everything is taken care of there for the bride and groom. I think there may have been another wedding going on at the same time(I could be wrong) but I know that's not unusual for bigger venues.Overall it seemed very nice and everyone had a great time!
  • I don't know much about Woodwinds but I just wanted to say welcome.  Be sure to change your username so we can identify you going forward.  I love seeing new additions to the CT board!
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    @Elexismc ;Thanks for your reply! I am a little worried about them hosting more than one wedding at a time -- Have you ever been to one with multiple events and noticed it was an issue?
  • neha821 said:
    @Elexismc ;Thanks for your reply! I am a little worried about them hosting more than one wedding at a time -- Have you ever been to one with multiple events and noticed it was an issue?
    That's not unusual for the larger venues.  I have been to several weddings where there were at least 2 going on and most of the time in doesn't effect the wedding at all.  Often you have to share restrooms with other parties.  I would make sure you don't have to share a bridal suite though so you can leave your personal things in there without worry.  
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  • I have been to a few weddings at venues hosting more than one at a time and never found it to be an issue as long as the rooms were set far enough apart(Aqua Turf is the first one that comes to mind) the staff is very good at keeping them separated and directing the guests to the correct areas! I only ran into one place during our venue tours that made me uneasy but that was strictly because the rooms were SO close together-the venue wasn't really set up properly for it, but I feel it can be done easily in a larger venue!
  • JamieLynn913JamieLynn913 Watertown, CT
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    My friend got married there last spring. It was nice, just not a venue I would of chosen. The wedding went very smoothly, but I wasn't overly impressed with the food. Cocktail hour was good (I was a bridesmaid) and they made sure we ate while doing pictures and always made sure we were taken care of. We did notice there was another wedding at the same time but the only time we saw them was while we were taking pictures. 

  • That's where my wedding will be in October! So far I love them. They have made all of the planning easy for us. I am not very good at making decisions so I needed more of "a wedding factory" to make things easier. As far as 2 events going on at the same time...they seem to have things under control and have a good handle on keeping everyone separated. They also won't start cocktail hours or ceremonies too close together. I believe they have a half hour window or so. I'll let you know how that goes in 5 months! Good luck!
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