Reusing ceremony flowers for table reception centerpieces?

y repurposing flowers from the ceremony to the reception since it's all at the same venue. Our ceremony is outside and we want mason jars filled with flowers going down the aisle on shepards hooks. Would you think it would look good if we put the mason jars inside for the reception as centerpieces? We are worried the tables would be too big for the mason jars with flowers(hydrangeas and greens). 10 people per table. We are going for a natural elegant look for our wedding. Any tips/advice is greatly appreciated!

Re: Reusing ceremony flowers for table reception centerpieces?

  • Love the idea of reusing the ceremony flowers at the reception. Agree with @OliveOilsMom to think about how top heavy things will be and to avoid anything that will impede conversation or sight lines.
  • There's only one thought/concern I have - WHO is going to do the moving - you're going to be too busy, your sets of parents are going to be busy, your WP is going to be busy, your florist will likely have headed out after delivering them (though some are willing to stay and do this for an extra fee - which you've go to weigh is the fee worth it or would you like to come up with some canning jar size arrangements for the tables)..  The logistics are the biggest issue...
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    If your florist/venue coordinator is handling this for you then I say go for it!

    We had flowers hanging in jars from shepherd's hooks for ceremony aisle decor and we transferred those jars straight to the cocktail area and reception space for additional decor. We also temporarily used the bridesmaids bouquets as some of the low centerpieces as another way to save on costs. If the hydrangeas are cut low enough they shouldn't be too heavy for the jars, especially if the jars have water or rocks or something in the bottom to help keep them weighted.

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    My ceremony and reception are at the same venue so my florist is going to move the ceremony flowers inside for the reception to reuse them.  

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    My daughter used one hydrangea bloom in a glass vase for her centerpieces.  It was beautiful, and no problem.  Hydrangeas do require a lot of water.  They wilt quickly.
    My daughter also tried the hydrangeas going down the aisle, but in paper comes.  It didn't work because the flowers were too heavy.
  • I am using my flowers and the maids flowers at my sweetheart table simply because we are able to bring them ourselves - and it's just one 2-top table.  I have "hired" 2 of my son's friends to help with "stuff" that day.  But, when our guests are entering the ballroom - which is well before the groom and I will - I want everything said and done.  I want the WOW factor there.  Having guests enter a reception and seeing the flowers still being placed on a table is just not in good form in my opinion.  If you can get it done before people enter, go for it.  If you can't, I'm not sure it's a good idea.

    Your florist will be able to tell you if they will serve as good centerpieces or not.  
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