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*UPDATE* FMIL Vent #743: How to decline shower from BSC FMIL


Re: *UPDATE* FMIL Vent #743: How to decline shower from BSC FMIL

  • This woman will never change. Frankly, she sounds enmeshed with your fiancé. This is actually common in divorced women with sons- they elevate their sons role in the relationship and use him as an emotional partner, since they no longer have a husband. They have a difficult time with boundaries because they are so used to no boundaries with their children after the divorce. 

    My husbands ex wife is very much like your MIL, and even though stepdaughter is ten, it puts an unbearable strain on her. Your MIL will not change unless she goes to therapy, which she will not seek because she probably does not believe she is wrong. Her family will continue to enable her behavior. 

    Im so sorry you have to deal with this. *Hugs*
    Tyvm[Deleted User]short+sassy
  • I like you Knottie #'s - you hit the nail on the head.  Good luck with your H and SD.  Hopefully since she has people in her life who recognize it early on, she will be able to establish boundaries early on and recognize PAS if she receives it.
  • Definitely a mental health component :(
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