What is the process for a self-uniting ceremony?

My FH and I are planning to be married through a self-uniting ceremony... We wanted his father to become ordained online, but then realized PA doesn't recognize this?! So, FH found the self-uniting option (and his dad is still going to lead the ceremony on our wedding day! The wedding is 5/28 in Montgomery County).

My question(s) is(are) this:
What is the process/timeline of events for self-uniting?
When do we need to go get the license? (given our wedding day is already planned for 5/28!)
I've read that the couple can go get a self-uniting marriage license and take it elsewhere to be signed by witnesses... could we pick up the license on 5/14 and have our witnesses sign on 5/28? And then what?
Our only reservation with this process is that we want our anniversary to be 5/28, the day we say our vows in front of all family and friends, and not just the day that we sign the license with the witnesses (as much as we love them) -- so we'd like those days to be the same day, if that makes sense!

Finally, has anyone ever heard of a venue having an issue with self-uniting? We are to be married at the Joseph Ambler Inn.



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