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Renting a waterfront home as a ceremony/reception site?

Hello ladies!!

I am newly engaged and my FI and I are looking into doing a tropical beach-themed wedding since we got engaged on a cruise.  We really want to do something different for our wedding.  We were thinking about renting an estate/waterfront home and having it catered in the yard.  Does/has anybody have/had experience with this kind of thing?  If so, suggestions please! I looked on homeaway.com and there are some promising homes on there.  Should we contact a real estate agent? Do you think we will run into trouble with neighbors? Please let me know your opinions/suggestions!! Thank you!!

Re: Renting a waterfront home as a ceremony/reception site?

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    We tried to go this route and it was way too expensive for the permits and the rent, etc. What about tenting at a state park?
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    I noticed that it might be pricey.  One place I saw that actually had an event fee listed was $15,000 for the site fee!! Ouch!! We want to get the most bang for our buck! We'd rather splurge on the honeymoon than the wedding haha.

    I hadn't thought about a state park.  I will definitely have to check that out.  Thank you for the idea! Do you think tent weddings are more difficult and stressful to handle? 
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    Keep in mind that with a tent wedding you have to bring EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING, in.  Catering to tables to flatware to linens to a dance floor to port-a-potties to garbage removal.  Unless you're going truly budget, it may be worth your while to consider a restaurant.
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