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We don't want to do a hashtag but would like an opportunity to see photos that our guests take so I thought the app would be a good idea.

Does anyone have feedback for this app and if people used it at the wedding? How did you communicate the instructions for using it to guests?  Are the cards you can buy a good option?

My apologies if this question belongs in the photo thread, I wasn't sure.  


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Re: WedPics

  • kylexokylexo Finger Lakes, NY member
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    I am curious about the slideshow they offer.
  • I went to a wedding where they used WedPics.. I remember there were business cards with the information on how to use the app, but I want to say there was someone passing the cards out as we walked in, or that they were on the tables at the reception (It was last year so I can't really remember). I remember thinking it was a  cool idea, but I wasn't very close with the couple (FI second cousins) so I didn't do anything besides upload a picture of their centerpiece!
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