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Budget wedding on Long Island! (long)

Hello ladies! 

Our budget is about $10,000 and here's the deal....

Right now my destination wedding is planned as a 9day/10night trip (because of residency requirements by law in St. Lucia) to the Sandals Regency La Toc in St. Lucia. I shouldn't even really call it a destination wedding though because nobody can afford to come other than my future-in-laws.

It's $4600 for the trip + $1800 for the wedding theme I want + $1500 for photography. Airfare for FI & I will be about $1,000 total round trip. Giving us a grand total of roughly $9,000.

NOW... if we were to have a traditional real wedding, our guest list is about 75, but we could probably cut it down to a little closer to 50 to cut costs.

The plan would be to cut the trip down by 4 days to 5day/6nights which would bring the trip down to $2900. We would still have the $1000 for airfare, but would also elimate the combined $3300 for the photography & wedding theme at the resort. 

So our honeymoon would be 5days/6nights for about $4000 including airfare & passports. That gives us a budget of $6000 to have a REAL wedding with guests & dancing & drinks! Unfortunately, you all live on Long Island like I do & I have no idea where I can consider having a wedding on such a cheap budget!

I already have my dress so that's a big weight off my shoulders. I need to be able to do the venue, ceremony, reception, dinner, photography, and everything else within this $6000 budget. I'm catholic so I could have the ceremony at a church if that would help cut costs, but religion isn't a big deal to me... or my fiance. So whatever's going to be cheaper at this point is best. 


Thanks in advance!

Re: Budget wedding on Long Island! (long)

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    so, wait...are you doing the destination wedding or the long island wedding?
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    If I can find a really inexpensive decent venue, then I'd do the wedding here. If we can't, we're doing the destination wedding.
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    you should look into

    also, i think i messaged you some info for alexis stein photography. look them up if you book local as well. they will do their very best to work with you if you are on a budget and honest and up-front about it.

    caterers all depend on the actual food you get from them, so that is up to you.

    think about it this way as well, if you do a local wedding and you have more guests the wedding will almost pay for itself if you are a budget bride. if you do a destination wedding, people tend to send less money if they are NOT at an actual wedding.
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    It seems like so much leg work to find a venue, a photographer, a caterer, a DJ, etc etc.. I just want to book a place that has it all done for me, but that's asking a lot when you're broke! lol.
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    I understand. I did it myself but when I was done I was relieved and was happy that no one made any decisions for me. It was a proud accomplishment.
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    I have seen Julian Ribinik doing great discounts on destination weddings, reach out to him, his photography is awesome!  We have done ours here and on Long Island (actually) but destination wedding is probably the best way to go - they will plan it all for you at the venue and if Julian gives you a great deal, you are all set :)
    Good luck!
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    here's the thing-you dont need limos (you can hae a family member drive you ahd DH and BP) and save yourself a bit there. you don't have to have a huge regular wedding-why not have a nice lunchtime reception in a great restaurant instead? skip the centerpieces etcc... and just have your bouquet and Dh's flower. you dont need a dh or a caterer if you do it that way.
    friends of mine did something similar to this at chart house ont he hudson in NJ-it was an evening early dinner and wonderful then we went and met up at a few of our fave bars int he city after. it was fun, easy, inexpensive and we had a great time.


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    I'm in practially the same boat as you. We have a $10,000 firm budget but we were looking to have 35 to 50 people max. Honestly we probably wont make 50. I've called alot of places but so far the only two I found that would consider it are Shoreham Country Club and Montauk Yacht Club. We are also looking into destination wedding at fiance's little brother is under 21 so we have to do it there.

    Its getting a little overwhelming so we are leaning towards the Sandals/Beaches option....cheaper and easier!
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    We are having a winter wedding (February) at TimberPoint, they allow us to have 65 people on a Saturday night (due to the season), so maybe you can consider a winter wedding, it is cheaper and the venue options are larger for a small wedding
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    I have found two halls that offer a package of a complete wedding for about $10,000 That includes cocktail hour, reception, open bar, photography, videographer, limo, cake, and flowers. I visited one today called The Sterling in Bethpage.
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    Check out Mediterranean Manor in Patchogue or Ladakins in Moriches... my mom recently went to a wedding at Mediterranean Manor and said she had a great time, and I have done multiple events at Ladakins (sweet 16, graduation, 50th birthday for a family member) and have loved them every time.  I don't know about Mediterranean Manor, but Ladakins does offer "all-inclusive" wedding packages for not that much money.
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