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so i should preface this request by saying that i am a groom trying to help my fiance gather some information for our wedding. with her graduating from college in the coming month, i've been trying to help her gather some information and opinions about as much as i can. her graduation exams and licensing boards have her stressed enough so i am trying to share some of the burden as far as wedding details goes. that has me in over my head on some things (make up and hair) but i have managed well in other areas (center pieces for a Vegas-themed reception were actually fun)

we are getting married on 9/9/16 at Caesar's Palace in the Juno Gardens. The wedding is at 8 in the evening. i have Todd at Bently & Wilson booked as our photographer. (thanks to some research here, we went with him as a lot of people had great things to say about him) Imagine Studios will also take pictures of the wedding since they are included in the package we have from CP. after the wedding we plan to take a double decker bus tour with our guests (50-60) to take photos and generally just have a fun time.

the devil is in the details though. our wedding package includes her getting her hair and make up done at Color Salon in the Forum Shops at Caesars. Has anyone heard anything about them? of course the info we got about them from CP speaks glowingly of them, but she has not been able to find a lot of information about them. does anyone have anyone in particular that they would recommend for someone that is reasonably priced and would do hair/make up for the rest of the girls in her bridal party or should she just try to get them all done at the same place. i'm a guy and admittedly clueless about if she should stick with one place to do everything.

also, we are not planning on having a "reception" per se since only a few family members are coming to the wedding and we are going to have a reception here in Kansas City when we return. the bus tour is 3 hours long (per Todd at B&W's suggestion as well as Mike at DDB) since it is a Friday night and could be busy as far as traffic slowing the tour down. so we will not return to Caesars until midnight, but we were curious if anyone has any suggestions as far as someplace on the Strip to take a group of 25-30 (the younger people mostly) that would let a group in late and hopefully offer food at a reasonable price since we plan to just have the end of the bus tour be the end of anything "official."

i should already say thanks for the help you all have unknowingly provided since i have been reading through old topics for advice and recommendations already. thank you for any suggestions you might have as well!!!

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  • I'm tempted to recommend checking out Yelp for reviews for the salon; that's my only real recommendation.

    As for post-bus-ride, it all comes down to what you're envisioning. Most night clubs and bars will be fine, and possibly restaurant/bar/lounge combos. What hotel(s) do you want to stay around?
  • Maybe Margaritaville across the street from Caesars for a late night option for 25-30 that just want to party and booze with some bar food?  Don't try to do their group events though, the pricing is insane, might just be a good option to show up and see how it goes since they'll still be open but not exactly packed wall to wall. If you were thinking a club like Pure, etc. that could be difficult as getting that large a group in would be very expensive.

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  • we are staying at Caesar's with the free nights that come as a part of the package. that said, we wouldnt have a problem going further up or down the strip. Margaritaville was one place we had suggested to us. the groomsmen of course threw out Twin Peaks since it is a large bar/resturaunt as well. while the bride laughed and said she didnt care, i don't think that is exactly "post wedding" but who knows? we had planned to hop off the bus, run to the room and change and then see where the night took us, but we just trying to get a few ideas.
  • No, don't change! You want everyone to know you're newlyweds! ;)
  • @vegasgroom Pure closed, how it was the last 6 months, they would've got in no problem. It was dead on a saturday night when we were there last time. 

    I would look at the linq, its across the street. Chayo ( is open until 3am on fridays, they have good food (not sure what time they close the kitchen), a dj and if I recall in my drunken stooper, it was latin night. I think a group of 25 might be more of the challenge. Also they have titled kilt open until 3am and a Yardhouse open until 1:30am. 

    If you go to the Venetain rock bar is fun but its a dive bar with average food.  

    But my favorite place is Tao, the restaurant is open until 1am and than you can go into club afterwards.

    Also, I agree with Sugar don't change! If you guys stay in attire and you guys will get free drinks all night!  I think I stop accepting drinks after my third free one, because we had an open bar at our wedding and we were headed to an open bar (for ladies, gold lounge at aria) after party. 
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  • I think the Gold Lounge at Aria is also permanently closed now. You might try asking your Caesar's coordinator about options. They may be able to point you in a direction on property that we're not thinking about. Otherwise, I second the recommendation to consider the Linq area, as there are an assortment of options at many price points in that area.

    For hair and makeup, I'd talk to your bridesmaids. Under the circumstances, they may prefer to all do their own hair.  Otherwise, maybe one of the many services that will come to one room and do everyone who wants it done may be best.  When I was researching, the hotel spa options tended to be quite a bit more expensive, and I'm guessing your bridesmaids would prefer a more economical choice.

  • Oh you are right, it closed last year, it is getting a makeover to a restaurant, a much larger space at that. 
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  • I'm glad you all mentioned The Linq! when we were out there last it was in the middle of changing from the Quad to the Linq and it was a nightmare staying there. It looks like the renovations have made a major impact on the place and opened up a lot more options. 
  • A ton more options opened up there. The reno's are done and most the places are open on the walk down to the high roller. 
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