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Issues with the best man?


Re: Issues with the best man?

  • Ok, let's write this off as everyone was having a bad day. FI apologized to you for forgetting to tell you he was coming. When buddy came into the house FI should have been the one to say, hey dud, sorry but we don't like drinking in our house, but if you want to go out, give me a few minutes and we can to dinner. Based on how you wrote what you said "I hope you aren't planning on drinking that in my house" it does sound a little harsh. And I get you were made because it was a surprise. In my opinion when you came back and his car was there in the way, any anger you had from before probably came back, which is understandable. And to me it makes sense why his friend got made then, you didn't offer to move his car, you threatened to move his car. I agree with PP that everyone owes everyone an apology. FI to you for not telling you that buddy was coming. FI also owes buddy an apology for forgetting to tell you he was coming. And you owe his buddy an apology for not handling things better because you were caught off guard. If you would have known he was coming, when you saw the booze, you probably would have handled that more like "We appreciate you bringing that with you, but we don't like drinking in our home, can I get you something else or do you want to go out to grab some dinner where you can order a drink?"
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