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Already Monday

Morning! Is it Friday, yet? 

I had a really nice weekend! On Friday, H and I went to bed SO early. I finally managed to catch up on my sleep! 

Saturday, I had a lazy morning with the kids. We slept in, I made breakfast, I finished two books. Then I cleaned the whole house. It was very much-needed since I was away so much lately. I met my aunt and uncle for an incredible dinner. It was at this random restaurant you can barely see from the main road and you have to go through a gas station parking lot to get to it so there's. The food was AMAZING and I already can't wait to go back! 

Yesterday, I woke up early and sat out on the porch with a new book, coffee, and my favorite blanket and it was so lovely. H and I had breakfast and then went "trash picking". The fancy neighborhoods near my aunt's house have their bulk pick up today and sometimes they toss really good stuff! All we found was a bin for our hose, though. We had a late lunch with SFIL, hit up Trader Joe's, and then I prepped my food for the week. 

Last night we watched a movie on Netflix called 'Hush'. If you like scary movies this was SO GOOD. I was on the edge of my seat with my heart beating out of my chest through the whole freaking thing and then I was too scared to let Lucy out before bed so I made H do it LOL 

H has a hockey game tonight so I'm on my own for dinner which makes me really happy because I'm making myself scallops! I'll probably read more of my book and then head to bed early when he gets home. 

I hope this week flies by because I'm already ready for the weekend!


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    @southernpeach89 - I looove scary movies so much. I blame thank my bio dad for that. This one was really realistic, could totally happen, and those are the ones that freak me out the most!

    Awwww Callie's poor little head! She's getting around so much now! 

    @CocoBellaF - It was American. We shared: roasted beet salad with goat cheese croquettes, peking duck tacos, spicy tuna cones (my favorite!), filet mignon kebab, crispy pork belly with sticky rice hash brown, and short rib ravioli with truffle mushroom cream sauce. Yay for 3rd Tri! 

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    @Swazzle - Oh yum!!!!!
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    @CocoBellaF 3rd trimester! I hate to tell you this but 3rd creeps by so slowly...I don't know why but I felt like I was in 3rd trimester for a year haha. I will also tell you though since it's getting warmer out...take advantage of going in pools because seriously it takes all the weight off of you and it feels amazing!

    @Swazzle I feel so bad when she bumps her head. Sometimes she only cries for 0.2 seconds and then gets over it but other times she really cries and I feel terrible. I just want to wrap her up in bubble wrap.
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    @labro - YAY for trucking along with the reno! I seriously can't wait to see it when it's finished! 

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    @southernpeach89 - With everything going on, the whole thing has crept by slowly.  I am just happy to be getting closer to the end.  I'm even starting to make plans that don't involve me being pregnant.  It's not warm enough for pools here yet, but sooooooooon.  We have a doggie pool in the backyard (one of those plastic kiddie ones) that Baxter and Bella are going to have to let me borrow for a while.  ;)
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    @TwoDimes - I loved your bike riding pictures!!!  It looked so fun.
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    @TwoDimes She did SO WELL this past week so I was telling DH that it looks like this sleep regression is kind of coming to an end but Friday and Saturday were awful. It's not terrible though...I can take 2 nights of not sleeping compared to a week of not sleeping. 
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    @CocoBellaF I definitely sat in Maddux's doggie pool. Worth it.
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    @TwoDimes - Sounds like you had such a nice weekend! My bike got ruined (it's completely rusted) but I'm hoping it's fixable because I'd love to ride to the train everyday rather than driving! 

    @lavenderfields13 - Looking for a house can be so frustrating. Sending vibes your way! 

    @cu97tiger - How amazing was the weather this weekend! I hope it stays forever! 

    @beachyone15 - Oh no! I hope your weather clears up and you get some sun! I'm not a big rib eater but every now and then I get a craving and that moment is now! 

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    @swazzle - Sounds like a fun and relaxing weekend!  Food sounds awesome too!  I love that you "trash pick" - I hate people that waste stuff and I pick up stuff too that people throw out or want to throw out in our neighborhood if it is still good.

    @southernpeach89 - I'm sorry Callie isn't sleeping well. :(  I know that must be hard on you.  Your weekend sounds super productive through...deep cleans are the best.  And I can't believe you are baby proofing the house already!  Callie is growing so quickly!

    @cocobellaf - Yeah for the third tri!!!!!  Almost there!

    @twodimes - I saw you on the bike this weekend on FB and you looked adorable!  :)  Plus biking and gelato = perfect weekend.  Also, yea for a new grill!  Did you test it out yet?

    @labro - Holy hell!  You guys got a lot done this weekend...your bathroom looks so much cleaner than ours did gutted!  I can't WAIT to see the finished product.

    @lavenderfields13 - Listings like that drive me nuts...did you complain to the agent?

    @cu97tiger - I also saw your picture on FB....I think it is awesome of you to both volunteer at AND run the 5K with your co-worker.  

    @beachyone15 - Yeah for a new bed!!!  What one did you go with again?

    This weekend was a mixed bag.  I'm going to throw myself a bit of a pity party for a moment.  I had researched consignment sales for a while and this weekend was the big one...H and I got to pre-shop because I signed up so early and we are first time parents.  We got an hour in there on Sat night so I looked for the big stuff for us and for my sister on her list.  I didn't score too much (the volunteers get to pre-pre-shop and grabbed most of the big stuff) but I got a few things for both of us.  The next day my mom, sister, her kids and I were supposed to go again.  They didn't want to go until later so I'm glad I pre-shopped but they came to pick me up, I got us all free tickets to get in, paid for parking, etc. and then started the shopping looking for my sister and any other medium sized items she might need.  After that, we started looking for small stuff and shoes were the first thing we ran into (girls) so of course I thought we would stop there...nope, my sister said "where is the boy's stuff" (she is having a boy) and off she went to look for boys items and my mother and her kids mom at least yelled back "someone should probably stay with min skat" so my niece headed on back and helped me shop.  My feelings were butt hurt though...I didn't see them again until my nephew came to get my niece and I and said "mom and grandma are in line so are you guys done?".  I felt like crap after that. They dropped me off to pick up the things I had already gotten for my sister the day before, saw the nursery for the first time and left right away too...I had a few things we could have done together but they "were tired".  Oh but my sister did manage to see the 3D pictures of Ani (I forgot to put them away) and the FIRST thing out of her mouth and the one thing she knows H is super sensitive about ..."ha! she has your H's nose".  I told her they weren't good pictures and she didn't know what she was talking about...I seriously wanted to hit her with the items I had bought for her at that point.

    Oh and later that night...Raj started limping.  I think his right knee is going so we are starting him on supplements and pain med again in the hopes that it holds out a little longer.  Having to put him through surgery again right before I have Ani would be a disaster but we'll do what we have to obviously to make sure he is ok.  

    Ok, pity party over...sorry, I needed to vent to someone about all that. 

    Today H and I have a birthing class after work and have a cleaning lady coming to give us an estimate on house cleaning!  Hopefully it is reasonable cost-wise so we can swing it for a few months before and after Ani is born.
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    @minskat30 - It's a plush Stearns and Foster - and we went from a queen to a king which is so much better!
    I'm sorry. I would feel a little hurt by that too. Keeping my fingers crossed for Raj!!!

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    @minskat30 - UGH that makes me so sad and mad for you. I'm so sorry, you have every right to be upset. Sending you the biggest of hugs <3

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    @beachyone15 Ugh that is really annoying that your power went out! Sounds like you were still able to have a great birthday for your mom!

    @minskat30 No we didn't say anything to the agent. This was our first time at an open house on our own and I wasn't sure if I should lol. 
    I'm so sorry about your weekend. Your family just sounds mean and inconsiderate and you have every right to be upset. I wouldn't by crap for your sister anymore. Maybe that sounds mean but they just don't treat you right!


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    Morning ladies! Seems like everyone had a busy/productive weekend!!

    @swazzle your morning sounded wonderful!!

    @southernpeach89 yay for deep clean! And it sounds like you and your H have a good balance so both can sleep :)

    @CocoBellaF yay third tri

    @labro I admire yours and H ability to do renos! I don't have patience to do all that lol

    @beachyone15 You may wanna get a raft! ;)

    @minskat30 Consignment sales are so great, especially baby ones! I've hit up a few with formerly preggo friends :)

    Unfortunately my weekend started on a down note and didn't exactly get better. I'll get to that.

    Friday Matt picked me up and we stopped at LCBO. He got rum and I got 4 smirnoff peach bellini and a rose wine {cotton candy!} Went to my granny's place, she made me egg salad. Afterwards we just sat on our balcony. A friend wanted to go for coffee, so I said yes and waited.
    Before I go, my mum called.
    One of her friends - who I know as well - passed away suddenly.

    Short version of what happened, she was at her daughter and grandson's place doing baking. She felt heart burn, got milk. Felt dizzy, hit the floor. Massive heart attack and gone by the time she hit the floor.

    My mum was not okay, considering it was her friend and also the 2yrs of my dad passing {massive heart attack also} is next Sunday.
    Still ended up going for coffee, cuz my mum went to help out with stuff for her friend.

    Saturday we were to see a house near where I use to live. This fucking place is a disaster! Even our realtor wasn't impressed and concerned by a few things.
    I don't mind getting a place where we have to change flooring and/or paint. Not an issue, those are personal things for the most part. However there was so much to do, and as our realtor said "this place needs love and unfortunately someone to love it needs to have deep pockets"

    Afterwards I drove a bit, practicing. That night we were to go to our buddy's place but I opted to hang out with my mum since I knew she was having a hard time. Next weekend we're going to do some shopping on the Sunday.

    Sunday was absolutely gorgeous out! I had some banking to do but we did wander around outside. I've been having off and on headache from a mix of muscle pain and sinus, so we didn't stay out long. I ended up taking a nap and it did not help at all .... Matt made dinner so I could take a bath to hopefully help. Didn't help much but a bit.

    This morning was a frustrating one. The blender needs to be washed again, so I couldn't make a smoothie and I didn't defrost bread so I couldn't have an egg salad sammich :(
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    @mskittydanger So sorry to hear about your mom's friend, that is so sad :(


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    @lavenderfields13  Thanks It was a shock. Similar situation as my dad, no previous heart problems.
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    @southernpeach89 honestly, Callie does not look underweight at all.  People are so freaking rude.  My one niece is about 14 months and super skinny.  Her older sister was a little chunky monkey.  At their birthday party (which was mostly family), people kept asking my best friend if there is something wrong with the baby because she's soo much smaller than her sister.  There's nothing wrong with her, she just has a different body type!

    @misskittydanger sorry you had a sucky weekend, especially so close to the anniversary of your dad.  Sending positive thoughts your way.
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    @speakeasy14 That makes me so ragey! I don't get it.
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