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  • TwoDimes said:
    There needs to be a National stay home and snuggle your pet day AT LEAST once a month.
    Every day will be National Stay Home and Snuggle Your Pet Day when I become a stay-at-home-dog-mom ;)
  • @eilis1228 omg the one with black spots and blue eyes!!! 
  • @TwoDimes @speakeasy14 Me either! This litter had like 6 merle pups too, which is kind of rare. One had two blue eyes, and the rest had one blue and one brown. They were gorgeous! Unfortunately H isn't a fan of the merle coats. He fell in love with the black and white pup.  

    @500days Enjoy your week off! I'm jealous! Your weekend sounds fabulous, especially the trip to the beach. I wish you had taken a pic-- sounds perfect!

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  • @eilis1228 - Glad you are hanging in there! I was thinking about you since the weather always seems to be worse up north of us.
    And those baby corgis!!! I clearly NEED one.

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  • @beachyone15 This week all the bad weather has been south of us. We've just had tooooooooons of rain. We're estimated to have 6 inches of rain before tomorrow. My coworker said parts of Houston have already flooded, so hopefully we have no delays or issues this week when we're there. El Nino springs are horrible. I just hope we don't have the crazy floods this year like we had last year. Your area got hit especially hard last year with those floods. So scary!

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  • @TwoDimes Wednesday! My bets are on the 25th though. 
  • @TwoDimes You just described my H perfectly. He had the exact same thoughts about the merles. I thought they were all stunning. Is this not the prettiest dog ever?

    They are more expensive than the others and have a longer waitlist, but since we're in no rush to get another pup, I wouldn't mind. I don't want my H to be creeped out by the dog though, so I said a black and white pup was fine by me. 

    Our H's are nuts.

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  • @eilis1228 How on earth could anyone be creeped out by a merle coat? They're so beautiful!

  • @wink0erin That is really nice of your neighbors! Do you know them well enough to know hobbies? Do they drink wine? I would definitely give them a giftcard to a restaurant or a nice bottle of wine if they drink. Sounds like you are in a great neighborhood.
  • @wink0erin Aren't they the cutest things ever?! I emailed the breeder the next day to let her know how much we enjoyed playing with the pups, and she actually thanked me for coming out and playing with them! hahaha I was like, "No, really, it was my pleasure! Thank YOU!" Re: your neighbors-- that is the sweetest thing ever. I would bake something as a thank you. Maybe cookies or something. You could even do a lasagna or casserole. 

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  • @500days I don't know much about them yet, but I'm sure I'll get to know them! They are around my age too. 


  • @wink0erin last year our neighbor had a landscaper at their house.  The guy mowed our lawn and told my bf he remembered what it was like to have his first home and refused to take any kind of payment.  We looked up how much it would cost and put that money aside.  We decided to use the money to pay it forward.  For your neighbor, maybe help them out with something?
  • @eilis1228 Sounds like you had a great weekend, dress shopping, date day and puppies!
    H opened the dispute with his credit card company in March and they have 30 days to review it- 30 days is up on Thurs and he still hasn't heard anything back yet. We were hoping he would win the dispute and then the company will report it to the credit bureaus so we will see the change at the beginning of May. If they don't remove it I'm going to be pissed but his score went up in April anyways so hoping it will go up again in May even if he doesn't win the dispute so it will be right at a "good" score by then. So basically we're hoping for the beginning of May! 

  • @minskat30 Your sister sounds really insecure and jealous, honestly. I agree that it's probably best to have your H as your labor partner given your sister's high-risk pregnancy and her negativity. You will need a partner who can 100% support you physically and emotionally, and I think your H will be a much better candidate. I'm sorry you had such a rough weekend with your family. I really hope her attitude changes once Ani is here! 

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  • labrolabro member
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    @500days Yay for warm beautiful days off! Is this spring break for you?

    @minskat30 I am so so so ragey for you right now! You can come be a member of my family!

  • @wink0erin That was so nice of your neighbors. I would probably want to do something for them too but would probably also be asking for suggestions because I'm no good at that stuff lol

  • @lavenderfields13 Well that's annoying that they are waiting until the last minute, but May will be here before you know it! I can't believe it's already April 18-- where did April go?! I'm so excited for you guys! I hope you have much better luck in a few weeks when you can hopefully start looking one-on-one with your realtor. Sending you tons of vibes!

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  • @minskat30 BF is sensitive about his nose too. He said if/when we have kids he hopes they don't get his nose! I keep telling him it's one of the things I like most about his face.

  • @TwoDimes YES! The red merle is gorgeous! When will Indy get a sibling? :)

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  • @speakeasy14 All I have is a push mower and they know that (and have probably seen me struggling with it, haha). I like the pay-it-forward idea! I'm afraid of food gifts since I don't know if they have any food allergies. 

  • @minskat30 - I wish I could be your labor buddy!!  Your H will do a great job though.  :)
  • @TwoDimes TOTALLY understandable! The adult dogs with kids thing is one of the reasons we are opting to get a second puppy within the next year... that way they will be grown by the time we want babies (timeline for kiddos is to start trying in 2 years at the earliest). The second reason was we noticed that Zoey seems a lot happier and better behaved when she plays with other dogs. Her foster home had a ton of pups, and she just lights up and gets so excited when she runs into her friends at the dog park and goes to play at doggie day care. We started feeling guilty, so we decided to get one next year when she's a little older. 

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