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Has anyone ordered bulk flowers from Costco? I was planning on ordering from them, but I didn't realize the flowers would be shipped to my house. I would prefer to pick them up in the store, but if others have had good experiences, I am open to ordering online. 

Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    I've had wonderful experiences with Costco bulk ordering.

    - I ordered a bulk package of white florists choice arrangements for my rehearsal dinner. Had them arrive about 2 days before the dinner and kept them refrigerated (luckily my parents had a spare fridge in the basement) and in buckets until the morning of my RD. Then I took them out, arranged them all in vases, and let them sit outside in the shade so they'd start to open up.

    - I ordered bulk hydrangeas for my sister's baby shower, again, delivered right on-time. and in beautiful condition.

    - The hostess for my bridal shower ordered from them for my bridal shower and again, huge success.

    - My BFF ordered bulk roses and hydrangeas for her wedding reception and they were also beautiful.

    They offer pre-arranged wedding packages too which will save YOU a ton of time and effort of having to arrange all your flowers yourself. Otherwise, keep in mind that if you just order bulk assortments that you'll have to do all the arranging yourself and that would really suck when you're already busy the day of and the day before your wedding with guests, getting ready, etc. Keep in mind that you need a cool, dark place to store all these flowers in too. I'd recommend investing in some 5 gallon buckets if you go in this direction so you can keep all the flowers in water before your event without having to search for every single vase and jar in the house.

    When the flowers are delivered someone needs to be there for them otherwise they'll be sitting outside in the hot sun and you risk them wilting and not looking nice for your wedding.

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  • Thank you so much. This is very helpful! 
  • I also had an excellent experience with them! We ordered 30 giant white hydrangeas for my wedding from Costco, plus blush roses from

    The hydrangeas came exactly when we expected them, packaged very well. Each stem was individually bagged in water, and there was absolutely no wilt. Seriously, every single one was beautiful.

    The roses from fiftyflowers were also great, though my sister thought I would freak when I saw them... The website warned that the outside pedals would probably be brown at the edges and/or wilted, and that you may need to peel them off. We definitely did need to peel a few, but the buds were so dense that you could not tell at all. The website also suggested ordering them 2-3 days before they were needed, since they ship them before they fully bloom. By the morning of the wedding, they were all fully opened and beautiful.

    I second @labro 's suggestion about 5 gallon buckets or something similar to store them in. Also, it's definitely best to have them delivered when someone is available to bring them inside. If you have a basement (or air conditioning), store them in a cool place.
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    Apparently the humidity and temperature of our home/food fridges aren't right for flowers?


    k thnx bye

  • I didn't use Costco but instead Sam's...  Use those Sterlite/Rubbermaid storage bins to hold the flowers - they aren't as tall as the 5gallon buckets and there are plenty of ways to use them all after the fact...  You could also just order floral buckets from a floral supply since they're pretty cheap. 

    I kept the flowers in our basement as it is naturally cooler down there. I ordered them to be delivered for Thursday and if not for it being INSANELY hot and a 4-hour drive to the reception venue they were spot-on perfect for Saturday night, but I also waited to cut the bases and put them in water until Saturday around 4AM... 

    Purchase a good pair of floral snipers - the ones that come in the box sort of suck...

    It's a mess - so plan ahead with extra garbage bags even if you're purchasing the flowers pre-arranged...

  • Thank you all so very much! I was worried about ordering online, but you guys have definitely changed my view. The tips are also very helpful!
  • Tyvm said:
    Apparently the humidity and temperature of our home/food fridges aren't right for flowers?

     The temp of a fridge can be adjusted to be right, the problem is the other food in the fridge.  The gases produce gives off can make the flowers wilt.  

    The temp and humidity also depend on whether the flowers need to bloom or not.  And what type of flower.  I recommend googling specifics for whatever type of flowers you want to use for their temp, humidity, cutting, water needs, etc.  
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