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I went shopping for my wedding dress without my mom. I lived out of town and she had been dropping hints that I should get a move on getting a dress. I found and bought my dress without her and now she is heartbroken (and so am I). Have any of you done this? How have you made it up to her?

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  • I also live away from my mom, and bought my dress without her. She probably will not see me in it until the wedding day, as she is also unable to make it to my dress fittings. Hang in there -- you are not alone on this! I like the idea of trying to go dress shopping with her for her dress if you are able, or also, if you can bring her to your fittings, do that. 

    However, even if you can't do these things (I wasn't able to do any of them), remember that on the wedding day, your mom is probably going to be the person there helping you get in your dress and ready. It's a fun idea to have your mom there to buy a big purchase like your dress with you, but there are a lot of brides who can't manage this. It doesn't mean your mom is less important to you as a future bride, and remind her of that!

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    I bought my dress without my mom- I lived OOT at the time, so it wasn't feasible.

    I sent her pictures of me in the dress right when I bought it. She still didn't see it until the day of.
  • See if she can come with you to any fittings.  That way she'll be the first one to see you in the dress that is fitted to you and therefore looks 5000% more wonderful.

    Another option would be to have only her in the room when you put your dress on on your wedding day.  Have her help with any buttons/corset and have that be a special moment with just her.

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