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  • @AtomicBlonde I completely get that. I'm in a male dominated field as well that is slowly (too slowly in my opinion) starting to pay attention to issues of gender balance and pay inequality and hiring is so closed-door that sometimes it's hard to tell. I agree with @kimmiinthemitten's advice about making it clear you've been excited for this position from the beginning and not to back down, even if it seems like they prefer Mr PunchableFace. 

    Good luck, @kimmiinthemitten! You can't get what you want if you don't ask for it (I think that was a Gilmore Girls line once...). 
  • baconsmom said:
    So, I booked our hotel room for Authors After Dark, and I signed up to help host a breakfast for readers, and I'm all like crazy about it. It feels simultaneously like the stupidest way to spend a shit ton of money and like a really good step for my career. Which I guess sums up being a novelist at all, really. 

    I also get to go back to my writing office next week! FINALLY. I've basically taken a year off while H was out of work and I had three jobs and I was starting to feel really depressed about it all. Getting back on track and having that protected time to work is going to be heavenly. And I'm going to debut the next vampire novel at AAD, so I have a deadline to get it edited, formatted, and covered by July, so we can order physical books to bring with us. (For any of you following the series, it'll be a soft launch in July, so you'll be able to buy it for e-readers then.) 

    If I'm lucky and especially diligent, I'll get three books out this year, and then have some time to fuck around with some non-fanged ideas I have. And maybe I'll actually sell some shit this summer. 
    I must have missed something, I didn't know your H had been out of work.  I hope he's back working and you can get back into your routine again. Good luck with the writing and the trip.
  • Thanks, Pegasus. It was last summer for a few months, and he's been hired on permanently at the temp position he got last September. But I had three jobs for a while to get us back on a good financial track, and it was at a sucky point in my career, but, you know. Keeping the house seemed like a better idea. ;) 
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