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PSA: Resizing Your Signature Image

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Alright. So. Some people around here have some annoyingly GIGANTIC signature images. They take up nearly my entire screen when I'm reading through posts. You have two options: (1) resize the image in Paint (or some other image editing software) or (2) resize the image with HTML. I have described both processes below:

(for non-animated images)
1. Right-click your signature image and select 'Save As'. Remember what you named the image and where you saved it.
2. Open up Microsoft's "Paint" program.
3. Open up the image you saved in Step 1.
4. Click the 'Resize' button at the top.
5. Change the Horizontal or Vertical dimensions of your image to be smaller (either by percentage or number of pixels).
6. Click 'OK'
7. Click File > Save
8. Reupload the newly resized image to The Knot > Preferences > Signature Settings.

(for any image)
1. Go to: Preferences > Signature Settings
2. Above the textbox for "my signature" there is a row of text editing tools. The last button is a left arrow - forward slash - right arrow. Click it.
3. You're now in HTML editing mode. Find 'img'. Type a space, then type 'width="200"' (without the single quotes), followed by a space.
4. Then click the blue SAVE button on the bottom.

Here's a screenshot of the HTML edit

k thnx bye

Re: PSA: Resizing Your Signature Image

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    I'm pretty positive you can turn off others signatures so you don't see them if the size bothers you that much.
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