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Ugh.. Monday


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  • Random question for those who have done home decor:

    I'm thinking about an accent wall. Not colour wise, but maybe a decal? Since my walls are going to be grey {light and warm - haven't decided 100% which colour} I want to do silver metallic circles as an accent.

    Now, what would you suggest? Painting circles or buying decals online to stick on? I'm pricing both but curious what some would suggest!
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    @AlPacina I didn't cry! Did you cry a lot while reading? I feel like they took away a lot of the complexities of the book, and I found that the parts that had me tearing up while reading the book weren't included in the movie. They kept a lot of the humor in it though, so I laughed quite a bit. It was a really sweet movie, but I don't personally think you'll ugly cry in public if you see it.

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  • @AlPacina that last photo with the close-up of Marv is a riot!
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    @eilis1228 - Movies make me cry a billion times easier than books. Once an actor/actress starts bawling my eyes start watering up. I guess I'm just super empathetic, but only visually. So maybe I'll try and see it in the theatre. The preview just makes it look so super sweet.

    @PamBeesly524 - That's definitely my favorite of the 3!

    @MissKittyDanger - Omg, I think decals would be SO much easier!

  • @AlPacina  I'm thinking that too, but hard to say about decals on walls. Never used them before lol
  • @Alpacina Omg that picture. And I am dying over your sister following your nephew and his friends around. Lmao! My right side is more tan from when BF and I went to Charlotte NC last month, the sun was all over my arm on the drive home. It's starting to even out, finally! 

  • Re: Me Before You. I really want to read the book and watch the movie, but there's some controversial stuff in the disabled/adaptive community about what I guess is the ending or a big part of the plot, it's spoiler-y so I won't share here. 

    But dang it, I really love Sam Claflin. 

  • @LizzyTish88, short weeks are my favourite! Your week sounds like it was busy but a lot of fun! 

    @PamBeesly524, new puppy! Ah. I hope you snuggled him. 4 miles is even impressive. I run a lot but usually after yoga so I'm proud when I make it to 2 miles. Haha. 

    @beachyone15, I really wanted to see that movie so now I think I will! 

    @Swazzle, concert on a Sunday is so hard. Kudos to you for making it into work! 

    @cu97tiger, that's incredible that you got to hang out with old friends! You guys look incredible! Love that blue dress; it suits you so well! 

    @MissKittyDanger, that's really sweet. She must have loved that you gave her so much attention and played with her.

    @wink0erin, sounds like that is going to be a blast. Enjoy! 

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    @AlPacina, those dogs! AH. Love them. Thank you for asking. I'm just worried because those assholes don't mess around. They're so crazy and dangerous. He's so far away too plus a 6 hour time difference. Also, not getting to see him/hug him in over a month just really sucks. I miss him a lot and this doesn't help! 

    Finally caught up! So much easier to do this on a computer. 

    My weekend was low key. Did yoga and running both days. Shopped a bit on Saturday and ordered a new yoga mat. My dog and I snuggled. We did not make it to the beach because I ran out of time on Saturday and the weather was SO awful yesterday. We will try again another weekend. I'm already over this week and it's only Monday!
  • @DreamReve1 she wanted to attention. her younger sister was shy at first, but warmed up to me after seeing her older sister playing with me :) so that made me feel good
  • @MissKittyDanger - I would paint them. Find the paint you want, then do a few templates out of cardboard or heavy packaging paper. Tape those on the wall and paint!
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    Still here and still fabulous!

  • @DreamReve1  did they head hunt you? Vibes it goes well!
  • @MissKittyDanger, I applied to the role! It's exactly what I do now here but there. But I think I can get like 12K more than I make now. 
  • @DreamReve1  That's a good pay bump ;) hopefully you get it :)
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    Blue & White YAYYY!!!!!!!! All the things crossed for more and faster progress with your H and his rehab! How exciting!!

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