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Wedding dress: What does this do?

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Could anyone tell me what this thing does for the wedding dress? And how I can use it? 

I'm got my wedding dress from my sister who bought this dress in Japan. 
The dress came with this triangle thing, but I have no idea what it does. 
I asked my sister, but she doesn't remember since her wedding was years ago. 

Thanks advance for your help!! :) 

Re: Wedding dress: What does this do?

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    Potentially something for the bustle?  Or to cover down by the bottom of the corset - that's what I'm guessing - ask this on the attire boards as the ladies there may have a better idea...

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    Is it a purse? Sometimes brides carry pursed to put cards and stuff in. Other than that, I've got nothing!
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    Thanks for your input, MesmrEwe & ILoveBeach Music!! 
    I'll share your thoughts with my mother-in-law and see what she would think. 
    I'll also share this on the attire board! 

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    I think it's a gusset. 

    (A gusset is a triangle shaped piece of fabric that matches the dress that can be added at a seam if the dress needs to be let out).
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    I have NO idea.

    I would agree most with what drglitter said, as look at the attachments on the triangle piece, nothing else on the dress (at least the outer dress) matches that.
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    It is a piece that will go at the back to provide modesty if you are doing a lace corset type back.
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    If you can wear the dress without using that triangular piece of fabric, I would do that.  If you need any alterations, I would bring that piece with you.  The seamstress may know what it is (a gusset, like PP said) or they can tell you that it won't be needed.

    I love the dress BTW!  It reminds me of my dress a bit!

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