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Am I right to be a little peeved by this....


Re: Am I right to be a little peeved by this....

  • Fi and I have been pretty firm in our choices- we learned early in to pick our battles carefully. I asked the BMs I wanted and Fi didn't give her a single thought. (We have 5BMs and 6GMs which was another issue). We stopped sharing a lot of details with her months ago, but then she thought stuff wasn't getting done and went and did it herself. Then I was ungrateful because she did all the work..... BUT I only have to make it through 7 more days of her madness! My MOH gets here Monday to help me out with the final things (she's a rockstar!) and Fi is as always my voice of reason stopping me from going completely insane.
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    I agree that you need to set some very firm boundaries with your mother, because she's going to insist that she be present at your natural home-births while you're having Caesareans in the hospital, and criticizing your child-raising if you don't:

    "Mom, FI and I are sorry for your disappointment with our plans, but you are not entitled to input about our wedding party choices, ceremony, or attire or to make, change, or cancel plans behind our backs, let alone accuse us of 'ingratitude' if we don't accept your actions. We need you to recognize that our wedding is not about you and to cease and desist from doing these things as of right now, because you are treating us like disobedient three-year olds when you act like this, and it is impairing our ability to love and respect you."
  • I would be FURIOUS!!  That is totally crossing boundaries!
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