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Apparently the fact that it was mid-May isn't enough for Mother Nature to make it warm here in Northern Indiana. We rehearsed the night before and it was beautiful! Sunny and 68 degrees...perfect outdoor wedding weather! Saturday rolls around and it's overcast, 40% chance of rain and with the gusty winds it felt like 37 degrees! Needless to say we moved it inside which ended up being just as beautiful! My aunt was my wedding day coordinator and she did an amazing job! I hadn't thought about setting up the decorations inside and when we decided to move it in she just took over and made it happen! It was so nice to not have to worry about it! I got into my perfect Stella York dress and was ready to go! One of my aunts also sewed some blue tulle into the bottom of the skirt for my something blue! H cried when I walked down the aisle...which is every girl's dream so that was sweet! Our pastor did a great job keeping it low key and had everyone laughing several different times. Each of our dads picked out some scripture to read to us so that was a nice little touch to get them involved. It was surreal to look around and see all of our friends and family there supporting us! I was even able to have 2 of my Great Grandparents there which was crazy! 4 generations on both my mom and dad's sides! Our original photographer ended up not being able to do our wedding but I am so so happy with how our pictures turned out! There's a local mom that does photography on the side and she did a really amazing job! The reception area was absolutely beautiful and when we left our getaway car was H's semi that he just bought about a month ago! We headed home for the night and the next day we headed to Chicago to fly to Cancun for the whole next week! We had beautiful weather and we had a really great time!
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