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What is it with Costco people?

First @mrs.conn23 had her drama a few weeks ago.  Then today I was there at lunch, feeling pretty awesome about myself:  they had a super cute insulated lunch tote for Wooz that was small enough to fit in her backpack (which is perfect for summer camp now that it's heating up), some nice pasta, all my usual stuff, AND two of those 2 x $50 gift cards for $79.99 deals.  (One for McCormick & Schmick's, which is awesome timing because we'll be there for dinner tomorrow, and one for American Girl, just in time for birthday shopping.)

So I put my stuff on the belt, the kid in front of me is whining, and I don't really pay attention because it's just usual kid behavior, and anyway I'm busy texting DH about my gift card score.  And then I hear the mom say "No, I won't buy you those.  No one needs that many fruit snacks.  They're not good for you."  And I look up from my phone, and she is fucking scowling at my Finding Dory fruit snacks. 

So I'm kind of o_O, but mostly inclined to shrug it off, because I've been fed up with a kid before and maybe said things out of frustration, without thinking.  But then he persists, and she continues "No, those things aren't good for you, and I'm not buying them.  No one needs all those gummies."  What I really wanted to say is "No one should leave the house in those shoes, either, but here you are."   

I generally don't feel the need to defend myself, but a) my kids are great eaters (better than I was at their ages, for sure), and b) they do get the occasional treat in a lunchbox or after dinner or whatever, so c)



Re: What is it with Costco people?

  • Eff that lady.  What an ass.
  • A simple, "No, honey, we don't need a big box of fruit snacks" would've sufficed.  No need to criticize other people's buying choices...

  • That's pretty rude! You totally should have made a snarky comment about her shoes.

    Granted, she was probably having a shitty day and took it out on a stranger, because she knew there wouldn't be any lasting consequences. 
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  • indigo26 said:
    Its not just Costco - they're at Sam's club too. I was picking up some steaks and scallops the other day to do a special dinner. The lady in front of me turned and looked at my stuff after hers was scanned and the cashier was waiting for her to pay. She started poking the scallops with a disgusted look and loudly asked "What the hell are THOSE? Someone must have put them in my cart when I wasn't looking because I would never!" The cashier had the most WTF look on her face and I piped up with "THOSE are my groceries and I'd appreciate it if you'd quit POKING them and quit holding up the line." 
    What was the response?!
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  • Oh the usual cat butt face, complete with huffing and puffing. She paid and after she walked away I looked at the cashier and went "What the hell?" We laughed about it. I guess some people just really don't like seafood!
  • You should really talk to people who work at Costco!  They could give you some stories!  I think everybody should work retail at least once in their lives.  It teaches you about the folly of humanity.
  • I don't get why people feel the need to comment on what other people are purchasing. That kid is probably going to be the one hiding food under the floorboards all Claudia Kishi style and getting cavities from sneaking sweets at night. 

    And for the record I love fruit snacks. 

    I was at Home Depot buying paint and since it was the Memorial Day sale we upgraded to the marquee because it was highly washable and $10 off a gallon. So I put in my order for like 12 cans of paint and come back for it some woman was waiting there and was "well that's certainly a lot of marquee paint" all judgy-like. I ignore it and continue loading it up and she says again "wow who needs all that expensive paint?"  Like, seriously why do you care?


    So I could "like" but not reply at the time, but yeah, DH eats at least 50% of the fruit snacks in our household. He's addicted! 
  • My sister used to work at a BJ's Wholesale.  She said someone returned opened Tiki Torch fluid stating it was the worse thing she has ever drank!  She does have many other crazy stories.

    She now works at the post office delivering mail.  She has some dozies from there as well.  She has probably the most entertaining FB feed of anyone on my friends' list!

  • I was at Costco yesterday and this lady with a contractor's cart full of stuff actually ripped the cart out of the cashier's hands and unloaded it herself, pushing the woman out from behind the register to do it. She also pushed in front of the lady responsible for reloading scanned items onto carts and loaded her stuff herself, muttering the whole time about how they didn't know the right way and that wasn't the way she had loaded it. It was paper towels and potatoes,  not eggs and bread. 
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    I'm happy to report an uneventful trip to Costco.  Except Max licking the handle on the shopping cart and everyone laughing.
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