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Cathedral veil stuck on carpet!!

does anyone have any advice? I have a cathedral length veil with lace starting from the fingertips down. My church aisle is carpeted; the bridal salon is carpeted and my veil was getting dragged on the carpet and not looking good when I had my fitting. Does anyone know of anything that can be put onto th lace of the veil to help it glide better? my church does not allow me to use an aisle runner

Re: Cathedral veil stuck on carpet!!

  • Have you ever watched video from any of the Royal's weddings?  The veil will trail as you walk down the aisle - it's the "nature of the beast" you could say.  The best thing to do is have one of your ushers or whomever is in the back with you before you walk down "Fluff" the veil (think putting on a tablecloth or blanket, you "fluff" it up in the air before guiding it down and open)... 

    Otherwise the only time it's really fully out is when you're taking pictures and there's no good way other than wiring it open (would NOT look good nor be practical!) to keep it fully open as you walk.

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    I'm thinking about this one myself. We're planning an outdoor ceremony, and FW is wearing my mother's (42-year-old) cathedral-length veil. I don't want that getting caught on anything!
  • Try Static Guard.  It's odorless and won't stain your veil. Lightly mist veil. This should also take care of wrinkles. 
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