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Premium glossy or linen paper - vistaprint

This feels like such a minor dilemma but still, I'd love some opinions. 

We are planning on using one of the photo invite options from Vistaprint where the background will be a photo from our engagement photo shoot with the text on top. I would like to upgrade the paper from the basic and am wondering what you think might look best. I am currently debating between the linen finish and the premium glossy. I think the glossy will look better with the photo background but the linen will feel better. 

Heres the specs for the different paper options:

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Re: Premium glossy or linen paper - vistaprint

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    With a photo, I would choose the glossy. I have a photo on my invitation and when I had proofs printed on both, the linen feel was overshadowed by the slight appearance that it wasn't as crisp as I wanted it to be. My invitations were from a local stationary shop, but I would imagine a similar outcome with any glossy vs. linen paper.
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    we used the linen and it was SOOOOO nice, however we did not use a photo for our invitation. getting proofs is likely your best bet.
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    You can order a sample kit from Vistaprint so that you can see the different papers for yourself.
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    I'm late here, but if you haven't decided yet, I would definitely go for the glossy.  You're right, photos will look much better than on linen (though I'm a sucker for linen in other contexts).
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    Thanks for the input everyone. No, I haven't ordered yet @Heffalump. I agree though that I normally love the feel of linen paper. However, id prefer the photo invitation more so I'll go with glossy. 
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