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BSC Moments

It's been slow lately, so share some of your BSC moments, or some of your SO's BSC moments. 

Re: BSC Moments

  • SO BSC - my bf had a freakout the other day after another one of his friends announced a pregnancy.  He started questioning what we were doing with our lives.  I had to look at him and say "uh, we go on 2-5 vacations a year, we own our own house, we have a dog that's spoiled rotten, we both have jobs that we love.... I think we're doing pretty well" --That made him calm down.  He calmed down even more when Em needed a diaper change and he walked out of the room saying, "I don't do diapers"

    My BSC - all the car stuff made me insane.  The worst though was my meltdown because I forgot my coffee at the house.  I sat in the car and cried while my bf ran back in to get it for me.  Poor guy had no idea what to do. 
  • eilis1228eilis1228 Southwest member
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    In my opinion, H gets BSC about big life things, which then leads to me getting BSC. We talked engagement for like 2 years, and we would actively look at rings during that time. Then he'd be like, "Oh, but we need to do this and this and that first, so it will be a while," and I'd always be like, "So why are you looking at rings now, butthead?"

    Recently his BSCness has been with houses. He will search Zillow and Redfin for hours, send me tons of links to houses he likes, etc. Every time I'm like, "OK, do you want to buy a house sooner than we talked about?" he's like, "Oh, no. That's still 3-5 years from now!" and I'm like, "Then stop checking these websites weekly..." Because yes, he really does check them WEEKLY!

    Last night we decided that with my new work schedule, we won't be able to get a corgi puppy in January. We wanted to wait until January for a puppy so that we wouldn't have to deal with puppy care over the holidays. We decided instead we would adopt another dog that was a little older than Zoey, and we would do that in the fall once I got settled in the new job. Guess what H did for HOURS last night after this discussion? Yep, he searched Petfinder backwards and forwards looking for dogs. He sent me tons and tons of links. When I asked if he wanted to actually get any of these dogs, he was like, "Oh, no, we need to wait a few months." and once again I said, "Then stop looking at Petfinder!"


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  • Matt gets BSC about his headphones lately. He got some really good ones, and every so often they just won't connect. Zero reason why, but he will flip shit when they don't. I get it, they were expensive but seriously quit it. Return them if they're pissing you off that much ... guh
  • @eilis1228  the house thing, I will openly admit I did that. That's how we ended up finding our house ahead of the ball and did long closing date lol
  • My bf has always bought junkers for car.  So this is his first car that is almost new and still has a warranty.  He is paranoid. He will sit in the car after he parks to listen for any strange sounds.  He also has to inspect every inch of the car every time before and after he gets in it.  Last night he heard people walking in front of the house (which is normal because we live next to a freaking ice cream place).  He ran outside to make sure his car wasn't touched (that was in our driveway).
  • If I'm being completely honest I've been getting flashes of BSC for our upcoming trip. I keep talking myself down, but it's hard. I know BF just wants everything to be perfect, but I'm getting so anxious.

    His BSC moment came with the gallery wall. I do have to say I was a little surprised that no one mentioned the "K" on the wall. I asked him if we should wait to hang it and he said that he "didn't give a shit, it's his last name and it doesn't bother him so it's going up." He's been begging me to make a wreath with a "K" on it for the front door but I've been able to back down on that one.
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  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    At around 9 months together, SO and I were invited to my friend's wedding. I was so insanely head over heels in love, and could not get marrying this guy off my mind. . . Heading home, I "naturally" brought up the topic of us eventually getting married. I didn't even drink much at the wedding, since I was DD, but I ended up having to pull over on the way because I was crying too hard to drive. I couldn't believe he didn't know if he was going to marry me at that point!

    He also gave me a hard timeline toward the beginning of our relationship. I shouldn't expect a proposal any time before our 3 year anniversary. I kind of just ignored it and figured I could change his mind or something, consistently asking for updates and hoping the timeline was different.

    I have not brought up engagement since our 3 year anniversary. He said 3 years, we passed the mark, and luckily I've found a kind of peace in that.

    My BF is BSC any time he brings up eloping.

  • Well, I'm, of course, the resident BSC NEY-er who bought a wedding dress without being engaged, so there's that.  (I've [mostly] made my peace with it, although I am mortified every time I think about how nuts I was.  It's a lovely dress, though, and I haven't gotten that BSC in nearly 3 years.  It lives at my parents house, hidden far away in a closet.  BF doesn't know it exists, I don't think.)

    More recently I've gotten BSC over BF's ex-wife.  They have two grown children together, so while I understand that they need to be civil and in contact with each other...she loves to overstep boundaries, especially on social media.  They've been divorced for almost 10 years, but she likes to insert herself everywhere, and it makes me crazy.

    BF is BSC about kilts.  I'm serious.  He ordered one to wear to his cousin's wedding next month, and somehow now he owns 5.

  • 500days500days MA member
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    Right now I am BSC about going on vacation. My H doesn't want to spend/save money for a vacation. I'm working on it.

    My H is completely BSC about cars/trucks. He always wants a new truck every 2 years. Right now he has an F150 and he "wants" a Tacoma. He's never driven a smaller vehicle and I told him he would hate it after a month. And I guess I am BSC about the way he keeps the interior of his truck...it's gross. 

  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @speakeasy14 - Your BF sounds like he needs a Xanax prescription, haha. He might murder someone if they actually DO touch his car!

    @GoldenPenguin - PENTATONIX!!

    I've been listening to Aha! a ton in the mornings lately. They are the best freakin live show.

  • @futuremrshistorian  I looked at dresses before being 'officially engaged' and actually found the one I got. There's more to why I looked, but at least you're not alone ;)
  • @AlPacina hahaha I'm proud of you for not bringing it up!

    @GoldenPenguin I check houses like crazy, but more to see what houses in my area are selling for.

    @swazzle those eyerolls better be followed up with stories

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    edited July 2016
    @swazzle isn't BSC! But only if we ignore the fact that she has a billion cats.

  • labrolabro Hotlanta member
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  • AlPacinaAlPacina Portlandia member
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    @speakeasy14 - That doesn't sound good! If it's near other cars, they're definitely at risk. Better move your new baby before it sends your BF to some sort of psychotic break! ;)

  • All good, mine is on the opposite end of the lot.  They were parked in a visitor spot.  I feel bad for the kid, he just started working in the cafeteria last week. 
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