The Moshulu

Has anyone ever been to a wedding at the Moshulu? The standard package comes with only 4 hours of reception time, including cocktail hour, and I am not sure if that is enough time for a reception? Did dinner take forever to be served? Was there time for dancing etc?

Re: The Moshulu

  • Sorry if this reply is too late - 
    my fiance was in the wedding party so I was able
    to get a little more information about the day then the standard guest-

    they paid for the extended time and extended open bar ... I don't think it was necessary for the extra time a lot of the dancing started to wind down but was nice to have for them .. dinner wasn't exactly fast it took the standard time
    of any other wedding about an hour to a little over an hour with dances and speeches.-- potentially you could do that later in the night when you move on to the dance floor 

    overall great unique venue 

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