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How were everyone's weekends (long or otherwise)?

I feel like this past week has been awful. Last week I was sick with some sort of stomach bug and then over the weekend I got hit with a head cold or a sinus infection or something. I haven't had a full night of sleep since Friday and I am SO exhausted. I'm WFH today so that makes up for it at least a little bit. I feel like I couldn't have managed driving myself in to the office today.

On Saturday we deep cleaned the house and re-organized the garage. It feels soooo good to have everything in its place again! Sunday morning I went through the god-awful process of prepping a section of lawn for new grass seed. I did the work around 9:30 but it was already hot as balls out and I was dripping sweat. On the plus side, we got an inch and a half of rain last night so I really hope all my new seed starts to sprout quickly!!!


Last night on my front porch I found this adorable little tree frog! Thanks to Google, I'm pretty certain it's a Mountain Chorus Frog! We were definitely BFFs for a few minutes.

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Re: Monday Monday

  • @labro Ugh I hope this week is a better week for both of us health wise. I think the stomach bug and colds have made their rounds with everyone in our family.

    Friday was DH's birthday and since we had already had a get together with family and friends the previous weekend we just decided to stay in and have a relaxing evening together. I got him a range finder for his gun for when he goes hunting. He loved it and is so excited to use it this Fall. I made parmesan tomatoes, baked zucchini, and crab stuffed tilapia. Then for dessert we had PB brownie trifle which was delicious! Luckily I went to CrossFit so I guess maybe I burned 1% of the calories of that dessert haha.

    Saturday we took our time in the morning. DH had to fix some of the caulking on our house and still needs to paint over it. Later that afternoon we went over to his Dad's and stepmom's house for DH's birthday dinner. We just grilled out and Callie explored the house lol.

    Sunday DH had to work and Callie was having meltdown after meltdown because of her poor teeth. She has six teeth now. I went over to my mom's house with Callie to see if she would feel better but she just got worse. I got her to take a nap around 1:30 so after she woke up we went to a BBQ at my mom's friends house and she was feeling much better thankfully.

    Today I'm doing laundry FOREVER. I'll probably go to CrossFit tonight. DH is working late so hopefully Callie has a good night.
  • @southernpeach89 Laundry for days and days and days!!! I'm so sorry Callie had a rough start to Sunday. This teething business is seriously NO JOKE!

  • @labro hope you're feeling better! Like @southernpeach89  mentioned, seems like a lot going around lately :(
    But yay new friend :)

    @southernpeach89  poor Callie :( teeth are terrible! Boo laundry!!

    I got hit with a stomach bug or something. Thursday we did groceries and I picked up an iced coffee, which I usually do. I guess I drank it too fast and too close to when we left, because I felt sick whole way home. Usually that happens when I drink coffee and go on transit in the morning.
    Friday, still felt sick and zero appeal on anything.
    Saturday Matt headed out fishing in the morning and then a few of us were suppose to head to gun range, but stomach decided "NOPE YOU ARE STAYING HOME!!!"
    While out, Matt slipped on some rocks and DESTROYED his knee! Pretty deep cuts, but luckily no need for stitches. Since he was carrying stuff, he couldn't catch himself so his ribs, elbow and hand are scratched too - knee is just the worst.
    Saturday night I drank tea and watched "My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding" marathon - that shit is addictive to watch.

    Sunday not much. I went for breakfast with a friend of mine. Every time we say "oh we'll only chill for X time" and end up hanging out for longer lol
    Matt had to get a new phone, since his phone fell in water when he fell. So he picked me up.

    Otherwise nothing. Next Friday we're going to "Suicide Squad" with my mum and not much else.

    49 days!!
  • @labro - Aww, look at that little guy! Prepping and seeding the yard is hard work - we need to do the same. You are a beast for getting out there and doing it!
    @southernpeach89 - I'm glad your H had a good birthday. Poor Callie. I can't imagine how hard that is bc I know you must want to take that pain away from her but can't. :(
    @MissKittyDanger - Hope you are feeling better!
    @PamBeesly524 - Gimme that french toast!

    Well, I almost didn't check in today but I need to vent.
    We had a great weekend until last night. We finally got around to putting up our new headboard and H decided he didn't like it. Which led into him saying he doesn't like upholstered headboards. Or accent walls. Or basically anything that I wanted. I had a vision for our bedroom and now I feel like it's gone. Then he has the nerve to say that nothing is ever going to "wow" him. Then WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH?! Just let me do what I want then! Growing up, his family never painted so they always had white walls. I'm going crazy over here staring at white walls. I need some color and he just can't get on board with it.
    He just called me and asked to take me out tonight which is really sweet. I told him that's fine but I just need a few days to figure this out before we discuss it again.
    Here's a pic - my idea was to paint an accent wall since the headboard and our bedding is so neutral. Then I'd add some solid colored pillows and colored curtains. He wasn't convinced. Oh, and he also told me he doesn't like our bedding anymore even though HE PICKED IT OUT last year. URGHHHHH. How do we compromise when we are on a completely different page? And why can't he be the type that just says "yeah honey, looks great"?!
    FWP, huh? Lol.

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  • @beachyone15  yikes :( that's a rough situation! What kind of accent wall are you thinking of doing? Is there maybe a compromise?
  • @beachyone15 Ughhh that is really frustrating!!! IMO, I'm not crazy about differently colored accent walls or upholstered headboards's just not my decorating style. However it would drive me crazy too to have NO color at all! You NEED color in a room. I'm glad your H is trying to make it up to you by taking you out to dinner but he seriously should've expressed his opinions earlier...BEFORE you ordered a headboard and created a strong vision. I don't know how to compromise when you're both SO far apart on decorating styles. H has said multiple times he doesn't care how I decorate as long as everything isn't pink and frilly (easy). I think you need to remind him that he picked out the bedding and ask him what he doesn't like about it now. Maybe he needs more visuals so he can see how the image in your head is going to all come together? Sometimes it is hard for some people to step outside of their comfort zones and they need a little bit more persuasion.

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  • @MissKittyDanger - I was thinking of a light blue - something to tie in the color of the pillows and make it all "pop". He made it pretty clear that he doesn't like accent walls. I think his style is heavily influenced by his mothers (which is not my style at all) and that's what's frustrating. Her home is beautiful but it's ALL WHITE. I just want us to develop our own style. And I think the reason we got so heated over it is because it's our bedroom and I told him we should both feel happy/calm/relaxed there. I don't want to pick out anything he's going to hate.

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  • @labro, feel better soon!

    @southernpeach89, birthday desserts have no calories.

    @pambeesly524, now I want Nutella ...
    Friday H and I stayed home in the evening, drank a bottle of good Merlot, and watched the opening ceremonies. Saturday morning we both regretted this. Since when can I not drink wine?

    Anyway, this weekend was housework with the Olympics on in the background. Checking things off the chore list like a boss ...

    And I read HP and the Cursed Child, and I did not enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would. Without spoilers, it read like bad fanfic. I think JKR probably had a great story in mind and it got corrupted by the other authors.
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  • @KeptinStitches I have yet to read Cursed Child but I heard that she actually had zero influence in the script at all. She just read it and approved it. Maybe that's why there is so much disappointment? None of her magic is there.

    Also, obviously your body was just having an off-day. Don't quit on Merlot! ;)

  • @labro - I know, I was thinking, why did we even buy it then? I've come to realize he is VERY indecisive even after we make a decision (i.e. the bedding). I'm not sure how to solve that problem. I just pick something and go with it but he'll analyze everything to death. I know one of us has to give. We have a guest room so I was thinking that if he'll let me style that, then we can do what he wants for our bedroom. I know he mentioned a wood sleigh bed which I like. I just need to get more insight into what he wants bc it wasn't very clear the other night.

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  • @KeptinStitches - That's a shame - I was looking forward to reading it. From what I've heard it seems like people either love/hate it.

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  • @beachyone15 That's really really unfair. I mean granted, one time I painted our hallway one color and a year later I repainted it again because I was never totally satisfied with how it turned there's that. H was pretty irritated with me even though I did all the work (insert massive eyeroll here).

  • @beachyone15 Sounds like he's not really clear on what he wants. That rough. Maybe you guys need to have a discussion that's super detailed on what each of you want for a specific room or styling ideas? Also, like @labro  said you should remind him that he picked that bedding.
  • @labro - Which part is unfair? My solution or H's indecisiveness? Lol.

    I'm totally ok with changing things around too once you get tired of them. But we've been in our house over a year and we have barely started decorating at all. I just want to get some stuff on the walls already!

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  • @Peaseblossom55 - Glad you checked in! :) Remind me, how far along are you?

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  • @beachyone15 I definitely meant your H's indecisiveness lol!

    @peaseblossom55 <3 Any word from your doctor on if you need to stay on bedrest after this week?

  • @beachyone15 Ugh how frustrating! I hope that you both can come to some sort of conclusion that doesn't involve wasting all the time spent on what you have already done with the room.
  • @minskat30 YUM! What a perfect prize from @Swazzle! I wish stupid TK would fix their log in issues so she could come play more!

  • @Peaseblossom55, all the things crossed for you!
  • @peaseblossom55 Hoping and praying for some good news and more activity for you!

  • @labro – What an adorable little froggie!!

    @MissKittyDanger – I hope Matt heals up alright! That sucks! And extra suckage about his phone!

    @beachyone15 – Lady, you are preaching to the choir here. I’m sorry your H let you go so far with the decorating plan before springing all this on you. My BF kind of hates everything. It sounds terrible, but once he’s “okay with” something, I spring on it, because that’s about the best I’m going to get. I use Houzz and Pinterest a lot to show him ideas, and once he sees something that’s “okay”, I try to move forward with that. My bedroom is also super boring, and nothing has been done to change that.

    I wanted an orange accent wall in our last house. He said there’s no way he’d ever want a bright wall like that. Well, the house we bought has a bright red wall, and guess who refuses to get rid of it? Him!

    @Peaseblossom55 – So are you on bed rest until labor? Do you get to come on TK all the time again?


    Good morning lovelies! (Crap, it's already afternoon for some of you?!?)

    Friday night I had to myself, and also finally got my internet back at home after a week without. I had Chipotle for dinner, and had no upset stomach after, so that's a win!

    Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. BF didn't get home until the afternoon, so I smoked weed and watched the new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on Hulu until he showed up. We went out to dinner, hit up TJ's (I saw the bacon jam!), then finally watched The Revenant. I kind of think it's hilarious that Leo finally won for a role that really only required one emotional level: in pain.

    Yesterday, BF slept in super late so I finally got to finish reading Trust No One. I will add in a disclaimer that yes, it is a good murder mystery novel, but at the same time it's a really heartbreaking story about someone dealing with Alzheimer's and dementia. I thought the author did a really great job representing the confusion of the main character........ But I figured out the plot twist too early and that bummed me out. I'll probably try and find another book by the same author, though.

    Yesterday finished with us booking flights and rooms for Key West in December!!!! It's a family trip for BF though, and I'll be the only female, so I'm actually not insanely excited. Especially since I thought we were going to Kenya........... by ourselves. Oh well, BEACH TIME!

    beachyone15labro[Deleted User]audrewuh
  • @AlPacina - I think I've figured out the solution. We just live in two houses. ;)
    Key West sounds fun! I've never been there but if I went, my first stop would be getting a key lime pie and eating it on the beach!

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    labroAlPacinaMissKittyDanger[Deleted User]
  • AlPacina said:

    Saturday we did a whole lot of nothing. BF didn't get home until the afternoon, so I smoked weed and watched the new episodes of Say Yes to the Dress on Hulu until he showed up. We went out to dinner, hit up TJ's (I saw the bacon jam!), then finally watched The Revenant. I kind of think it's hilarious that Leo finally won for a role that really only required one emotional level: in pain.

    @AlPacina This has to be my favorite part of your entire post! Sounds like an awesome Saturday!!!

    I'm super bummed you won't be going on a solo couples trip to Kenya next year but Key West IS really nice so hopefully you still get in plenty of beach time and time along with your BF!

    AlPacina[Deleted User]LizzyTish88
  • @AlPacina I'll know more on Friday about how I will be treated for the reast of the pregnancy and bed rest or not.  

    Thanks everyone for the good wishes. :-) Meanwhile back to some reading..


  • @Peaseblossom55 I agree about the olympics - I go to bed so early and I'm bummed when something is on late that I want to see.

    @labro is that where everyone is? log in issues?

    @AlPacina You eating Chipotle and then not getting an upset stomach made me LOL - i feel like that's half the battle with that place.

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