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  • @beachyone15 - My friend and her husband actually divided up the rooms in their house for decorating, because they are kind of the opposite and both have strong opinions on decor. At first I thought that could work for us, but then I realized he would just never do anything with his rooms, haha. But maybe that's an option? And you get the bedroom, haha.

    I actually really really love key lime pie, so I will make that pie+beach combo happen!

    @labro - Have you been to Key West? We have five full days there, so we're going to try and plan some activities, even though I'm sure a lot of the time will just be bumming on the beach or hanging out at his uncle's place. I saw that there is a Dry Tortugas Park that looks cool, so I might try and make that happen.

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    @beachyone15 I love @AlPacina's idea! Let him do whatever he wants in say...the garage...and you get full control everywhere else! ;)

    @AlPacina I have actually never been...@southernpeach89 vacationed there a couple of times though so I've heard all about it! She may even have some recommendations on things to do!

    Personally, I'm all about a beachbum style vacation. I'm happy as long as I can be a bum all day and eat some seafood at night.

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  • @PamBeesly524 luckily I was able to stay up to catch what I wanted to see.  


  • @AlPacina I've been to Key West twice and we had a lot of fun each time. The first time we went we did a lot of site seeing. We visited some light houses, walked around some of the pretty homes there, and went to the "farthest point South" and they have a ton of fun bars there! You will HAVE to get a coconut drink. They give you these huge coconuts that have been hollowed out and filled with good stuff. They also have a lot of fun shopping stores with cute stuff. I found that walking around and enjoying the atmosphere is the best part.
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  • @southernpeach89 - That is FABULOUS advice. Bars and coconut drinks are a couple of the main things I'm looking forward to! Did you ever go to that national park I mentioned?

  • @AlPacina I don't believe we ever went over there. We toured the Naval Air station a bit while we were there but that was it. You will have to go and tell us how it was.
  • @AlPacina and @labro - I like that idea. He can have the garage. And just because I'm such a good wife - he can have the yard, too.

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  • @TwoDimes OMG I AM SO SORRY FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @beachyone14 I think giving him the garage AND the yard AND the attic is getting a little generous here? Don't you? ;)

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  • @TwoDimes  oh gawd I would be so embarrassed! :\
  • @TwoDimes -

    I'm so sorry. Yikes!

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  • @labro - Well, now that you put it that way....

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  • @twodimes thanks! Ughhhh how awkward with FIL.


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  • Sorry guys today has been a total shitshow at work.

    @TwoDimes I am totally cringing for you. I walked in on some dude at Trader Joe's taking a dump last time I was there and it was awful enough and he was a total stranger... to have FIL involved is just... no. 

    @AlPacina CONGRATULATIONS!! that's so exciting!
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  • @TwoDimes Nooooooo!!!! That's so awkward. I'm so sorry that happened lol.
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  • @AlPacina EEK!! Good interview vibes!! When is it scheduled?

  • @TwoDimes - That sounds like the absolute worst! I'm just, I'm so sorry.

    @PamBeesly524 - Omg, dude. TJ's bathroom?!? Who doesn't double/triple check the locks in a place like that?....... He deserved to be walked in on. But you definitely didn't deserve to see that, haha.

    @labro - Wednesday! (Although I guess it's technically not scheduled yet. The manager just said that should work for both of us.)

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  • @audrewuh I'm so glad your log-in issues are fixed! Now we just need @Swazzle back too! I hope you have a nice getaway to Fort Worth! You deserve a nice long break from work!

  • @labro I'm definitely not a beach bum like  you or @southernpeach89, but I have been looking forward to spending hours by the pool being a major bum with a book and booze!! 

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  • @audrewuh - Your shiny new iron is gorgeous!

    Trust No One is by Paul Cleave. HUGE Sharp Objects spoiler in the box:

    Oh man, I figured out the killer in Sharp Objects about halfway through, but then the mom got arrested and I was like "Oh shit! She tricked me!" At that point I completely gave up on the sister. That's why I love that book. It's one of the only ones that has ever really tricked me.

  • @alpacina Thanks! It's so shiny!! It even has buttons!

    Whoa, there's a spoiler button thingy??? How cool!! Instead of feeling like "oh shit she tricked me" at that point, I was more like, oh, well, what is going to happen next to get to the proper conclusion?

    I LOVED Dark Places. So gritty and the twist was great at the end. 

    "You're our early 20's BSC scarecrow. They cower at your maturity." - lennonkdc Anniversary
  • @audrewuh Thanks.  I've been reading Harry Potter & the Cursed Child, but it's been slow going.   Have fun on vacation!


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