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Tired Tuesday

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I think I had to remind myself more than once yesterday that it was Monday and not Tuesday. At least today it is ACTUALLY Tuesday.

Last night I was up probably 3 times and finally had some success around 4:30 am when I was able to take some Sudafed and get a solid 3 hours of sleep. I rolled out of bed at 7:30 and jumped on a work call at 8. I seriously don't know why I torture myself in this way....Thank you Jesus for coffee.

So, how are you today?

What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation?

Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where?

What's for dinner?

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Re: Tired Tuesday

  • @labro Sounds like you need to get to bed early tonight! Or at least try to.

    Yesterday DH had to work but I got all our laundry done...all three of us! Whoop! I went to CrossFit and then got Callie. She was full of energy last night and was crawling and screeching around the living room until bedtime. Then she still didn't want to fall asleep so I rocked her until she finally settled down.

    Today I'm baking lots of chicken and shredding it. I'll freeze it in cup quantities so I can use it later on for future meals. I might go to CrossFit later this afternoon before small group. We may host tonight since the regular hosts have a sick toddler so we shall see. I'm making beef stuffed crescents and maybe a dessert if we end up hosting.

    So, how are you today?
    I'm good, work hasn't been to crazy lately so I haven't been as stressed. Plus working from home helps a bit too.

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation?
    If DH got offered a job that required us to move then I would. The pay would have to be significant though. Our county is one of the best education wise so for someone to move in the education field from an already awesome would have to be significant.

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where?
    Not really...I really enjoy living here. If we were to move it would still probably be in the South.

    What's for dinner?
    I'm making Beef stuffed crescents. Other people are bringing some apps so we will probably have lots of goodies.
  • @labro Sorry about the lack of sleep! Unfortunately I'm with you on that today.

    @southernpeach89 I wish I had Callie's energy. I could barely keep my eyes open past 9 last night. Are you excited to host small group or is it one of those things you wish you didn't have to do?

    @cu97tiger Congrats on making some big decisions! It must feel really good

    @KeptInStitches Woah, that's awesome! When's the last time you played piano in front of a group? I bet you'll do great!

    I had a rough morning. H is out of town and the cats have been driving me nuts. Crindy wakes me up every other hour meowing/wailing. I finally put her in the bathroom at 3:20, figuring an hour and 40 minutes in the bathroom wasn't bad since I was getting up at 5 to run. When I woke up, I realized she peed on the bathmat. Then, once she got out, she peed on an old blanket we use in the car for moving big stuff that we keep folded on the floor -  clearly out of spite. Just not really what I wanted to deal with at 5am. I hope she doesn't pee on anything else because it's gross.

    Apparently the lack of sleep is bothering me more than I thought because I was telling my manager what happened this morning and I totally broke down in her office. I felt like such an ass, especially since she's pregnant and is going to have ACTUAL sleep deprivation in a month, not just stupid cat sleep deprivation. I think I would be fine if H were here, I just miss him and it's rough having to work all day and then come home and deal with everything and be lonely.

    ANYWAY, that's enough of feeling sorry for myself. Hoping to get my nails done tonight after work to make myself feel better, then maybe I'll go for a long walk.

    So, how are you today? See above :)

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation? Some really great $$$. H and I aren't positive where we want to buy a house yet but all of our family is on the east coast and we like it here a lot.

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where? I've always thought living in Australia would be amazing, though I've never been there.

    What's for dinner? I'm hopefully going to make an apple and gouda stuffed chicken breast for myself tonight with veggies on the side - I've been loving mushrooms lately for some reason.

  • Ugh I'm definitely on the no sleep wagon, but going on 3 weeks worth lol. He wakes to eat every 2 hours and the process takes 30-45 min so I really only get an hour and 15 min of sleep between. And rarely nap during the day because your body is just used to being awake in daylight so it's hard to be sleepy at noon, ya know? 

    Cross country job relocation - I did it when I was 22 fresh out of college and single. It was amazing and I loved it. Even now with a family I'd do it again. It would be harder because we own a home but I'd still do it. Since I don't have a big support system here and my parents aren't around I feel I wouldn't be missing out on too much. 
    Dinner- it's H's birthday so we'll probably heat up the Shepherd's pie we made and froze a month ago. It's his favorite meal. We might attempt our first restaurant lunch today as well since it's H's last day home on leave with me. 



  • @PamBeesly524 I actually really enjoy hosting things. I've never hosted small group before so I'm excited if we will get to. The only thing that makes me nervous is that the majority of people in our group have toddlers so the thought of having 5-6 six toddlers running around upstairs with a babysitter may or may not be disastrous lol. 
  • @jenna8984 I hope you get some sleep soon mama! Restaurant lunch sounds nice - it's really nice out today so maybe somewhere with umbrella tables?

    @southernpeach89 Sounds like you might have a tornado in your house later! :)
    [Deleted User]jenna8984
  • @cu97tiger I was definitely thinking of you when I wrote these questions today! I think it's so exciting that you and your H have settled on some decisions regarding your future careers!!

    @southernpeach89 Callie was definitely in fine form last night! I loved those two videos of her in her high chair from last night! Also beef stuffed crescent rolls? That sounds delicious!

    @jenna8984 Ugh, I know I am definitely complaining about sleep deprivation when we have moms on this board who get it way worse than I do. I hope things start to level out for you soon! Those every two hours wake-ups are brutal! Where was your cross-country move to?

    @PamBeesly524 I hope LC gives you a better night tomorrow! You sound completely burnt out!

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation? Definitely a salary increase to at least cover an increase in COL since anywhere we might move from Atl is probably going to be more expensive. A moving package, and other benefits. It would also need to be somewhere that H and I would really want to live, like in the Pacific NW or southern Cali.

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where? Some days I wouldn't mind moving back to SD except then I remember how god awful cold it gets in the winter time. I'd also love living in Seattle.

    What's for dinner? Leftovers!!!

    [Deleted User]500daysLizzyTish88
  • @500days I have no idea except that she might have been mad that I put her in the bathroom. No idea what color I'm going to get for a mani! I think I'm definitely getting gel and I'm open to suggestions! :)
  • @PamBeesly524 You should definitely get a fun summer color! Right now I have funny bunny by OPI on mine but I've gotten turquoise, neon orange and bright pink so far this summer. Gotta get them in before fall comes and I can only get nudes or muted colors. Hoping Crindy stops peeing everywhere, it isn't very nice! 
  • @labro  boo lack of sleep :( I vote nap today!

    @southernpeach89  jeez Callie is really moving around lol!!

    @PamBeesly524 we had an issue with Penny when we first got her. After two days of that - same deal as you - I went to the pet store. They suggested a pheromone plug in to help calm her. Hopefully it could work for Crindy!

    @jenna8984 good luck on the restaurant!! Poor Eli not letting you sleep :(

    How are you today?
    On the tired bandwagon but mine is headache induced :(

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation?
    We've talked about it and the fact that both of our families are HERE it would take A LOT to move. Furthest we'd consider moving is Toronto or Montreal and that would take Matt getting "opportunity of a life time" to work at a huge gaming company.

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where?
    Yes and no. I'd rather live in Toronto vs Montreal due to language. I'm not French

    What's for dinner?
    Good question. Suppose to be super hot. I may still make chicken though.
  • Am I the only one who enjoyed Cursed Child?  I read it Saturday morning, and couldn't put it down.  
  • @speakeasy14 So annoying about the sleeping arrangements! I'm getting flashbacks to a few years ago when my aunt said we could stay at her beach house- but only if we slept in separate rooms! We passed on the offer politely. I've always wanted to bring my H down to visit my extended family in South America, but I knew if we weren't married we would have to stay in opposite ends of the house. We hope to go next year though- and 100% stay in the same room!
  • @500days It was just awkward.  I mean I get them saying that to the teenagers... but we're almost 30 and own a house together.  It just felt like a complete dig at us.  And caused us to walk on eggshells all weekend. Had I known that in advance, we would have probably stayed elsewhere. 
  • @speakeasy14  I've heard so many mixed reviews about that book!
    Also .... what the ever loving fuck about aunt and uncle? So not acceptable :\
    Did you find out why your sister didn't want people holding the baby?
    Also ... PUPPY COUSINS! :smiley:

  • @southernpeach89, congrats on catching up on laundry!

    @pambeesly524, the last time I played solo was in March. The last time I accompanied? I think that's closing in on 12 years?

    @500days, H and I have been watching as well (especially archery) - what's your favorite event?
    speakeasy14[Deleted User]500daysPamBeesly524
  • @speakeasy14 H's family is/was the same way. The first couple of times we visited his parent's house we had to sleep in separate bedrooms. They "allowed" us to share a room after we were engaged but H said he was shocked that they did since in the past they didn't allow his engaged aunt and uncle to sleep in the same room because they weren't married yet. EYEROLL.

    His mom was doubly shocked when we moved in together after we'd been dating a year and they weren't especially happy with the arrangement.

  • @labro That sounds like a rough night...I'm sorry.  I hope tonight is easier on you.
    @southernpeach89  Callie sounds like a wiggle worm lately.  Think its just all the teething?
    @cu97tiger I'm happy you guys have some more direction!!!  Very exciting!
    @KeptInStitches You will do great, I'm sure!
    @PamBeesly524 Poor you and poor Crindy....the peeing everywhere sounds terrible.  :(
    @jenna8984 Solidarity, sister.  Ani hates sleep...she gets a longer stretch at night now (one 4-6 hour stretch, then one 1-3 hour stretch) but I can never fall asleep now after middle of the night feedings.  And she rarely naps.  Its exhausting but man are they adorable.  
    @speakeasy14 Ummm, your uncle sounds like he needs a chill old does he think you are?!?  Why wouldn't your sister let anyone hold Em?
    @500days What is your favorite Olympic event to watch?

    I got sleep from 10:30-3 but that's it unfortunately.  Better than nothing though, right?  Rant ahead...I'm avoiding responding to my mom right now.  I asked her to come up last week because she was taking off but she was busy "watching my sister" (who is due in a few weeks mind you but is a grown woman, has a husband present and teenage kids).  My mom has come up one weekend to help since the little monkey was born...I'm really hurt by it to be honest.  Today she texted me and asked me for an "activity picture" of me, H and the munchkin for a work project and suggested we go for a walk and get someone to take our picture....she could have come up to take it but I'm sure she'll be busy with my sister.  I feel like the point of moving closer to my family because H and I were going to start a family and could use the help is completely moot at this point and I'm just feeling crappy about it. Sorry, rant over.

    I am hoping to get out for a walk with the little monkey today and watch the Olympics some more.    Other than that, I've got to call my insurance company because they screwed up a claim.  So exciting, right?
  • @minskat30 Who knows...every day is different with her. She just had a ton of energy last night. I wonder if she just had a lot of naps maybe yesterday with her nanny.
  • @pambeesly524 Eli is a sweaty beast so we probably have to eat indoors. Legit we only put him in clothes if we're leaving the house and he gets SO hot lol. All the newborn clothes don't even fit anymore and ye never wore any of them. 
    @500days jealous of your beach days! 
    @labro well it still stinks you didn't sleep well, even if it was more than us! When I moved it was Arizona, I stayed for 3 years then came home when my first nephew was born. SD does sound brutal! 
    @speakeasy14 thanks! Ugh that sucks about the sleeping situation. And the fact that it's not even your parents I mean come on. 



  • @KeptInStitches I always love watching beach volleyball, all of the swimming/diving and gymnastics! I'm just blown away by the dedication of all of the athletes, since many of them hold full time jobs while they train. I can't even imagine. I've also been reading a lot of articles about how other nations fully support their athletes during their years of training. The pay-outs for the medals definitely vary- and the US athletes don't get much in my opinion.
  • @minskat30 Just all the hugs to you right now. I'm so sorry your mom plays favorites and prioritizes your sister and your sister's children over you and your child. It's not fair to you and it isn't fair to Ani either. <3

  • Forgot the questions...

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation?

    -I don't think we are tied to a location but we do love our house.  I think we could easily pick up and move though if the job offer was good enough (money wise and giving us freetime).

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where?

    -Yes, this is H and I's dream actually...spending a year in Denmark, a year in India and a year (or more) in Mexico.

    What's for dinner?

    -For H its chipotle chicken with fajita veggies and brown rice.  For me...a microwave meal maybe?  I'm trying to get back on the diet train.  
  • @minskat30 Chicken with fajita veggies and rice sounds delicious AND healthy to me! How come it doesn't fit your diet? Does the chipotle seasoning have gluten ingredients?

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    @minskat30 My uncle is just a crotchity person and my aunt is the super Catholic... combined they're just crazy strict.  She's my mom's sister and I love them dearly, but yeah, always small doses for visits with them.  My sister is crazypants (being a new mom is her current shield), she gives the oddest reasons for the things she does.  She thinks that if Em is passed around a lot that will make her colic act up, she also doesn't want anyone to hold her if she's sleeping, and she kept saying that if everyone holds her she won't sleep at night (meanwhile she was sleeping the entire time which would be why she wouldn't sleep at night).... the worst part is that she's spending the week with my BIL's family.  You know that his whole family is holding and playing with Em.  Meanwhile, my family who we only see a few times a year, wasn't allowed to hold her at all.  I've already promised my whole family that if I ever decide to have kids I will greatly share the baby with everyone haha --- also, all the hugs since your mom is still picking favorites.  :(
  • @labro I make it with a lot of olive oil because H needs the fat...I do NOT. And thanks for the hugs...I'm feeling crappy about it but don't want to talk to H about it or else he'll get really angry at my mom, which never helps.
  • @speakeasy14 does she have a lot of anxiety lately? Post partum anxiety is a huge part of post partum depression. Or is this just part of her personality? It doesn't make much sense why she'd let your BIL's family hold her and not yours. :(
  • @PamBeesly524 – Your motivation in cooking for yourself astounds me. That sounds so good! If I’m only cooking for me it’s normally a sandwich, or a quesadilla, or something from a box. You go, lady!

    @speakeasy14 -


    So, how are you today?

    Oh my God, I'm fabulous! I know one other girl who applied for the job I'm trying to get. They have two open positions at the same pay grade. I checked the manager's calendar, and we are literally the ONLY interviews he has scheduled! I'm hoping that means we are top picks and only have to not screw it up! Plus, we've been supporting each other through this whole long wait, and if only one of us were to get it, it would feel shitty.

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation?

    A job that offers more travel opportunities, has a healthy salary for myself and my BF can find a job of similar pay, and it has to be within driving distance of NYC!

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where?

    I've thought about whether I would enjoy living in Colorado. But it seems similar enough to here that I'd rather not move and be further from my family. Closer to Broadway, though? It kind of is my dream. I've dreamed about moving to the big city a few times.

    What's for dinner?

    I'm kind of considering just picking something up. No clue.

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