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  • @AlPacina That sounds VERY positive for you and your coworker!!! I hope you both get the available spots!

  • So many having sleep issues, sorry everyone.
    @speakeasy14 I began reading Cursed Child last Thursday, having a hard time getting into really.  

    So, how are you today? I'm doing ok, tired but I am always tired

    What would it take for you to consider a cross country job relocation? I don't know if I would honestly.  I love everything my life has here.

    Have you ever dreamed of living somewhere else? Where? For a while I loved the idea of picking up and moving to Paris.

    What's for dinner? No idea my parents are coming by and we are ordering take out.  I really would prefer to go out to a restaurant and eat.  If the doctor goes well on Friday perhaps I can get some leniency on the bed rest thing.


  • @PamBeesly524 I hope to report back when I finally finish it.  


  • @PamBeesly524 - Thank you for the crossed fingers! If you could keep them crossed until after 12:30 pm PST tomorrow, that would be great.

    I used to work with this girl. She's not someone I typically seek out conversations with, but I think we just have strong cultural differences. We have a mutual good friend, who was the one that told us we were both applying, so maybe we have more in common than I realize.

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    @alpacina My fingers and toes are crossed for you, girl! I feel lots of good vibes.

    I made the mistake of going onto sephora just now. My couch potato status is getting me in trouble!! But I couldn't resist this: 

    I have to be good the rest of the week now! But honestly, I would have had major regrets passing this up.
  • @audrewuh Yes I've been 3 times.  Wow that is great you got all of that shopping done.  I am so bad at shopping for H and coming up with good ideas.


  • @audrewuh - I'm not able to see the text from your mom at all. :( But holy crap wonder woman! WTG on finding those presents so early! I tried to buy a Christmas present for my mom yesterday, because I finally have some extra spending money this month, and OF COURSE the shop no longer exists on Etsy. So that was great.

  • @Peaseblossom55 I know so cute! I forgot to put what it's called, but it's the benefit cheekathon palette. All of the blushes are full sized so it was quite a steal at $60. Sephora is super dangerous for me!

    @audrewuh I've missed you!! Move to Boston! That's an order lol That's awesome that you found great gifts early! I give you props because I can't buy gifts early because when actual Christmas shopping starts I buy more and it just gets out of hand...and then there's no point in shopping early to begin with!
  • @speakeasy14 I totally agree with you on the nostalgia of reading a HP book for the first time. It definitely felt good to pick up a new story! Also, geez woman, why so much caffeine??

    Y'all I lucked into these gifts. H gave me a magazine and folded down corners in sections and said "buy any of these and you'll make me happy." So, I went perusing and put together a schedule. We're going on vacation to Boston in March, so I'm getting him a round of golf and shipping for his clubs for Christmas. For our anniversary, while we're in Boston, I'm going to give him a new wedding ring and a fancy golf tool thing. For his birthday on Friday I just got him a liter of a new bourbon that has great reviews and tickets to a baseball game next week. We'll see how he reacts! It was too early to buy the golf and the wedding ring and tool wouldn't come in in time for his birthday, so, several problems solved at once!

    @500days I've missed you to! H got a lead on a job in Providence and he was like, you won't want to live there. To which I replied, "PSHAAAAA! I have friends you don't even know about! Let's do it!" 

    He didn't get the job. :(

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  • audrewuh said:
    @speakeasy14 I totally agree with you on the nostalgia of reading a HP book for the first time. It definitely felt good to pick up a new story! Also, geez woman, why so much caffeine??

    Running on less than 4 hours of sleep.  We didn't get home from my grandmother's till around 1.. alarm went off at 5:30.
  • @audrewuh those gifts are awesome! 



  • @500days  I was finally able to see your Sephora purchase. You're going to love that palette! I have the year before's version and that's my main blushes I use now! :)
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