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After you drink all the wine . . .

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Wedding Wine Cork Table Numbers

I might be too easily amused.

ETA: The seller is charging $250 for the set of 32.

Re: After you drink all the wine . . .

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    It cracks me up when I see people say things like "totally spurged on my 25000$ cake topper/ flower girl shoes/ chalkboard/ giant letters, but it's okay. I plan on reselling them after the wedding". Okay, good, but don't expect anyone to pay more than 50-60% for anything. Planning on selling your wedding dress? Hope you have 2 years.
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    I mean, if the creator actually bought all the wine he/she needed to make 54 table numbers (since 10-32 are actually 2 numbers), and there are 30 corks in the number "4" alone... Then, yeah, I imagine he/she would think $250 is a steal for the set.

    But that's an awful lot of wine, and I imagine it CAN be done, but that's like 30 bottles of wine a week and I know I don't have enough friends to help me drink it all, so the creator HAD to have collected/bought corks without the wine.

    I am spending way too much time thinking about this.

    It's like the people who go to the Dollar Store and buy dozens of $1 vases/votives, spend $20 in glitter and glue, and then try to sell each piece of glitter glass for $15-20/piece.  It's like a 5 minute DIY project, if you really wanted it.

    Someone will be dumb enough to buy it, which is the saddest part of it.

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    Ugg.  I get irrationally annoyed when people try to sell their used shit at brand-new prices--or even higher!  I am part of a neighborhood buy/sell/trade group on Facebook and someone keeps posting their used stereo for $500.  Dude, the things cost $499 new at Best Buy.  No one is paying you $500 for your "like new" 2012 model.  Supreme eyeroll.

    Intellectually I have no problem with people selling things at whatever price they think they can get, but it still bugs me.
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    @AtomicBlonde she probably did what I did and asked friends and family to save them.
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    $250?!?! I would pay maybe $50 total. 
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     . . . Um, wha? I could buy 100 wine corks of my own for $19 + shipping. (A quick Google search revealed several sites with such deals). 

    $250? No, thank you. 


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