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Hi, I'm Swazzle. Not sure if you guys remember me? 

TK has decided to make it look like I'm logged in... but then when I open a thread, try to post, etc., it tells me I'm logged out and won't let me do anything ever. So, hopefully I'm not writing this for no reason and it actually posts! 

Hiiiiiiiiii! I've missed you guys! I've tried to lurk and keep up but it's really annoying when you want to respond/comment and can't so I kind of gave up on it. 

Not a ton going on here! @GoldenPenguin and @csousa1 are visiting me for the weekend and we're hoping the weather cooperates so we can get our butts to the beach. @Hummingbird125 and @buddysmom80 are going to give me a nephew and a niece in the next week and I could cry just thinking about it! And that's really it! OH I leave for Hawaii in a week from tomorrow! CAN'T EVEN WAIT. And I got my hairs did last weekend and I'm super blonde -- and then got super burnt at the beach Sunday so I'm like a red skinned, yellow haired freak at the moment. 

Fill me in on your lyfes. 

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Re: Hello?

  • Hey @Swazzle Good to see you back!

    I've been lurking the last two days because work is CRAZY busy. We have been doing interviews for my new boss for the past two days. I also have a severe sinus infection and want to die. I started antibiotics yesterday so hopefully I will start to feel better soon.

    Cheer is insane! I can't control the little ones because I feel awful and my assistant coaches are no help and I want to scream. 

    I've been fighting to stay awake to watch the gymnastics, which has been awesome and I can't wait to see them again Thursday night! 

    Now I have to run off to a meeting, and then I have a person coming into train me on report writing. Then I have another meeting this afternoon. I just want to nap!!
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  • @KeptInStitches good luck playing tonight!

    @southernpeach89 Sending vibes to your H for a good conversation tonight! 
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  • @beachyone15 Yay! I'm so glad you got to take it easy last night. Hopefully your H changing his mind on the headboard is for real and not just an appeasement. I think it's a good idea to give it a few days and let it sink in.

  • @LizzyTish88 - Oh no! I hope the antibiotics start helping ASAP. You should try Advil Cold & Sinus. I'm sadly a chronic sinus infection/pain sufferer and that's my miracle drug. 

    @PamBeesly524 - That nail color is gorgeous and so summery! 

    @KeptInStitches - Fingers crossed your basement stays dry! 

    @labro - I am SO glad you finally got some sleep! What movies did you watch?

    @beachyone15 - I missed it but what's going on with your headboard? 

  • @swazzle - I posted about it in Monday's thread. Basically we bought an upholstered headboard and now H is saying he doesn't like it/my vision for the bedroom decor when I thought we were on the same page. So we are taking some time to think about it.

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  • @500days Noooo!! It's too soon for summer to be over and for you to think about school!!

  • @Swazzle LOVE LOVE LOVE! I actually chopped my hair off last week and sadly it looks nothing like it should 7 days later. I hate that so much.

    @500days wow, summer FLEW by. I feel like you were just telling us that you were done with school!
  • @Swazzle  welcome back! Hopefully TK will stop fighting you!

    @LizzyTish88  any nasal spray or netipot nearby? I use netipot a lot during early fall because of allergies and love it. {saline and water solution}

    @PamBeesly524  haha Turkey are hilarious! In the fall my mum gets them near her house ;)
    Love the nail colour, looks like China Glaze "pool party" - is it? If not, what is it!?

    @KeptInStitches Vibes for dry basement!!

    @southernpeach89  vibes for your H's conversation! Not going to be fun :(

    @labro  what movies? One of my faves I will always go back to is "Clueless" lol

    @beachyone15  hopefully it was just a "need some time to think" deal and he's coming around to looking at options. Yay for mental health day :) I feel like those should be required at least every 6 months so be sure people are okay.

    Not much yesterday. We have a heatwave so I really didn't want to do much. I tried to upload a vlog to my youtube channel, but it really wanted to fight me and I had zero energy to deal with that. Attempt again tonight!
    I think despite the heat, I'm going to try and pack more little things. Luckily Matt gets Loot Crate so we have small boxes, which will be great for perfumes. I'm going to wrap them in a small towel. This will be part of the "carrying over" boxes.

    Friday Matt, my mum and I are seeing "Suicide Squad" - pretty stoked! On Saturday it's the food truck rally across from our place. This year we're going earlier, because last year a few places were sold out of items. It'll be interesting.

    Random, but I'm already looking at things I wanna buy for fall/winter. I'm really feeling these "cold shoulder" tops. I feel like they could really be dressed up or casual - which is what I prefer since I mostly dress for work.
    This kinda top:

    Also, any of those who are into makeup Kat Von D and Too Faced are releasing a palette for Valentine's day! It's two palettes that can click together.
    Dying to see inside :) This is the preview that was posted {sorry it's huge!}
    Btw that's my fave liner.

  • @beachyone15 - Ugh, that's frustrating! I hope he comes around. 

    @500days - Exactly! And then I'd log in and try to post and it would tell me I'm not logged in again. SO ANNOYING! I can't believe you're almost back to school already! 

    @PamBeesly524 - YOU DID!? Pics???? Sorry if you posted and I missed it :disappointed:

  • @MissKittyDanger I have no idea what color it is - I usually just pick one out and tell the nail tech the # on the gel sampler. Personally, I don't really get the cold shoulder top thing. Why not just wear a tank top or a t-shirt, depending on the weather? Idk, just not my style.

    @Swazzle It's pulled back today so I can't get a good pic. I actually didn't share it. I'm not super in love with it because it's a lot shorter than I wanted, so maybe I'll share once it's the actual length I wanted haha

  • @PamBeesly524  ahh okay. I originally didn't either, but I ended up trying on a friend's top and it looked a lot better than I though. I'm not big on wearing tank tops - especially at work - so I figure this is kind of a happy medium.
  • @PamBeesly524 I love that color!! Glad you got a better night's sleep!

    @KeptInStitches Good luck tonight! I am sure you will do great! 

    @southernpeach89 I hope the meeting goes well for your H and MIL. Hopefully by just the two of them talking that will be able to hash things out and get to a better place. 

    @labro Glad you're starting to feel better too. I hear you about sleeping, it's been so tough. I was just saying to a coworker that being sick in the heat is the worst because all I want to do is curl up and snuggle, and when I do, I sweat my butt off!

    @beachyone15 Mental health day FTW. I'm glad you were able to take some time for yourself. I hope things work out with the headboard.

    @Swazzle Thank you for the suggestion! The Dr told me to take the antibiotics, Advil every 4 hours, and Flonase. I didn't even think to get the cold/sinus kind of Advil. They also tested me for strep, but since I don't have tonsils (got them taken out as a kid)  the rapid strep test likely won't be accurate, and the antibiotic should help if it's that too.
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  • @AlPacina Your mom definitely has poor taste! Even H came up to watch it with me...which I was pretty surprised about! Good luck today!!!!

  • @AlPacina - Good luck today!!!

    I mean, I'm REALLY into the books. I've been bringing them to work everyday to try and sneak in some reading time when work is slow.

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    @PamBeesly524 - I hate that! I hope it gets to the length you wanted quickly! 

    @LizzyTish88 - Get the Advil C&S!!! It's kept behind the counter at the pharmacy FYI (that's how you know it's the good stuff). I don't have tonsils either! 

    @AlPacina - I sent your prize at the same time that I sent @minskat30 's but it's a different kind of prize and I'm sad it hasn't arrived yet :disappointed: GOOD LUCK TODAY!!!!!

    ETA: Just checked the tracking and it'll be there on Friday!

  • @AlPacina VIBES! Let us know how it goes.

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  • I just thought this was funny.

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