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  • Hello I'm lurking but typing one handed
    @swazzle hey beautiful! Missed you round these parts.
    @labro I'm so glad you got some sleep!
    @southernpeach89 I'm really proud of your H too...I hope it goes well
    @alpacina Good luck!! Routing for you!
    @lizzytish88 I hope you feel better. :(
    @beachyone15 yea for mental health days!!

     Talked to my mom yesterday and it didn't help my mood at all....she actually got irritated at me for wanting to talk about things that are frustrating me and just wanted to tell me to get her a picture and that I need to call/worry about my sister more (all her stats are fine medically). If I mention being tired or anything viewed as a complaint, it just immediately gets turned into a competition with how tired my sister must be. So I just listen and listen and then eventually find an excuse to hang up. No one in my family calls me except to tell me to do something for them or to tell me what to do it seems and I'm pissed. I have zero energy to expend on it though so I'm just going to ignore it. I need to take a page from your H's book @southernpeach89
  • @peaseblosson55 Yea for chocolate cake! How are you feeling today?
  • @minskat30  :( all the hugs for you <3
  • minskat30 said:
    @peaseblosson55 Yea for chocolate cake! How are you feeling today?
    Feeling good actually.  So many hugs to you too. <3


  • @Peaseblossom55  ack! I keep forgetting to mention congrats :) despite bed rest <3
  • @Peaseblossom55 - Chocolate cake sounds so good right now!
    @minskat30 - I'm sorry, I know that must be so frustrating. How often do you talk to your mom? Would you ever consider taking a little break and see if some space between you might improve things?

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  • @minskat30 Awww I'm sending you all the hugs. It's so not fair how they're treating you. You deserve to seriously have just as much attention as your sister especially from your mom. DH hasn't had to deal with lack of attention so much but TOO much attention and an extremely clingy mom who is toxic. UGH I can't even describe it. I'm really sorry this is all happening though. HUGE HUGS. You are a strong woman and I hope that you can tell your mom everything and have her realize how she is really making you feel.
  • @Peaseblossom55 Happy birthday! Yay for chocolate cake!

    @minskat30 Big hugs to you! I really think you need a break from your mom. If she isn't going to lift you up, she's only going to drag you down and it just isn't worth the emotional state that trying to deal with her puts you in. You deserve so much more than that! <3

  • Thank you guys. I do think I need a break from my mom but I feel terrible saying that...I love her and hate that our relationship has gone down hill. I tried to talk to her about it once and she acknowledged that it had changed but pretty much blamed me for it entirely because I had changed. And I think I have changed ...I've enabled it to be all about her and my sister for a long time and now it's getting to me when I need help from them. It just makes me sad that the relationship can't grow from this new vantage point.
  • @minskat30 - So much love and hugs <3

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